Overcoming The Health Issues That Could Impact Your Ability To Game

Overcoming The Health Issues That Could Impact Your Ability To Game

Video games have become one of the most popular forms of entertainment in modern society. Unlike physical sports, these sorts of titles are far more inclusive than games of the past, giving people of all skill levels the chance to play with one another. Just because something is inclusive, though, it doesn’t always mean that it is accessible. Those suffering from health issues that impact their ability to game will know this all too well. To help you to overcome this problem, this post will be exploring a range of tips and tools that can be used to wipe out the health issues you face when it comes to gaming.


Practically every video game you find on the modern market revolves around eyesight. You will use a computer screen or television to play your games, with a control method that also relies on your eyesight to an extent. Those who are completely blind will find it very difficult to play video games that aren’t designed for their health issue, though this is more common than you might expect. Of course, though, blindness isn’t the only eyesight issue people face, with many games struggling with smaller problems that can have an equally large impact on them.

Colour blindness can make some games extremely difficult, with shooters and other 3D games relying on colours to convey things like depth. Games like Overwatch have specific settings in their menus that allow you to overcome this issue, and it’s always worth looking for third-party mods if you can find the right settings in the games you love. Poor eyesight can also impact your gaming experience. Glasses are a popular choice to solve this issue, though you could also consider laser surgery or contact lenses if you don’t like wearing specs.

Paralyzed Limbs

Modern video games usually require two hands to play. Games console controllers are two-handed and you can’t use a keyboard and mouse together without two hands, making it very difficult for those with paralyzed limbs to play the games they love. Thankfully, several companies have come out with unique control methods that enable gamers to use their feet, eyes, and even their mouth to game. You will need to find an option that will work with your particular disability, but this can be easier than a lot of people expect, especially when you’re already used to using similar tools to drive. You might also find that you may not necessarily be paralysed but more that you can struggle with ongoing mobility issues such as arthritis, and often that might mean that you can’t hold controllers for too long. You can still enjoy gaming by looking at the best gaming tablets to help instead. This may enable you to play some of your favourite games in a different way.

Lupus/Chronic Fatigue

Conditions like Lupus and Chronic Fatigue can have a huge impact on someone’s life. Aside from making it more likely that you will get sick, these sorts of conditions can leave a person feeling extremely worn-down. This is a bad state to try and play games in, often leaving those with these conditions to give up on their hobby. This doesn’t have to be the case, though, with smartphones offering plenty of great gaming experiences, all without forcing you to get out of bed. Playing games like this may still be exhausting, but it will be far more entertaining than simply watching television or reading all the time.


People don’t often look at stress as a health issue that could impact their games, but this sort of mental health issue can make it very hard to play and enjoy the games you love without feeling bad in the process. Those with stress can get overly annoyed at the games they’re playing, arguing with teammates and making poor decisions that make it even harder to stay calm. Changing your outlook can help with this; you do gaming as a way to get rid of stress, and you should always look for titles that help you to achieve this goal.


People have known about issues like Epilepsy for a very long time. Even back in ancient times, high-power figures like Julius Caesar had to deal with issues like this, and this has given modern scientists a lot of information about the condition. Many games can easily cause fits to occur with their bright flashing lights. This makes it crucial that you look for games that don’t have features like this, with platforms like Steam making this incredibly easy by marking the games that are best for those with conditions like this.

With all of this in mind, you should be feeling ready to take on the challenge of overcoming the health issues that could impact your ability to play games. A lot of people find this process difficult, pushing them away from a hobby they love. Thankfully, the modern world is filled with tips and tricks to help you to overcome this.

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