Sekai Project & Nkt Studio Bringing Serment – Contract With a Devil To Steam

Sekai Project & Nkt Studio Bringing Serment – Contract With a Devil To Steam

A while ago we published the news that Sekai Project will be bringing Wabisabi to Steam this year, but it is by no means the only project that they have in the works. The latest game joining their roster on Steam will be Serment – Contract with a Devil, a visual novel – dungeon crawler hybrid from Nkt Studio. Even better, fans don’t have to wait very long for it either as it is scheduled for release on Friday, February 1, 2019 at a price of $14.99 USD. As an added incentive to grab the game during the launch period, it will feature a 20% discount for the first week of sale.

Serment is a game about a girl who ends up being revived by a beautiful devil. Typically, this would involve the devil claiming the heroine’s soul, but not this time. Instead, the demon demands a massive sum of money in return for her efforts. Since the heroine does not want the demon to return her soul to the afterlife, she has to make sure to have the payment ready before the deadline begins. It is clearly a more light-hearted take on the genre, so we are looking forward to seeing this comedic adventure in action.

Serment will feature a cast of four playable main characters and, even better, each one of them not only have their own unique stories, but also different endings. In addition, the game will have more than ten side characters who have their own personalities and subplots. A big draw for many players will obviously be the cute anime girls, but Serment will also have a detailed dating sim time management system with light yuri romance. The turn-based RPG battles of the game promises simple mechanics, but tons of depth and players will also get to take part in cooking, crafting, and fishing mini games. Finally, the game will have the obligatory Steam Achievements and Trading Cards that are always welcome.

Players who are interested in helping a heroine in her quest to earn money to save her soul should head on over to the Steam store page for Serment right away and wishlist the game. Don’t forget to give Sekai Project a follow on Twitter either for more information about their upcoming releases.

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