Spelunker HD Deluxe Headed For PS4 & Nintendo Switch

Spelunker HD Deluxe Headed For PS4 & Nintendo Switch

Strictly Limited Games announced the upcoming release of Spelunker HD Deluxe for both PS4 and Nintendo Switch. The original game was first released back in 1983 for Atari 8bit computers before being ported to various other systems, including the Commodore 64, the Nintendo Entertainment System, and MSX. The NES port received a remake on the Playstation 3 in the form of the award-winning Spelunker HD. Now, PS4 and Switch owners will soon be able to experience the game with fresh new graphics and a brand new game mode.

Spelunker HD Deluxe will feature 100 stages for players to explore while fighting and jumping their way through enemies and obstacles. It will also have a competition mode where players can compete with their friends and a championship mode with another 100 super-difficult challenging stages for experts. Finally, in the Endless Cave NEO mode, players can compete to see how far they can get in endless, randomly generated caves.

Although Spelunker HD Deluxe will feature new 3D assets and a catchy, memorable soundtrack, the developers have not forgotten about retro purists either. The “Classic Mode,” which was well-received in the PS3 version, will still be available in Spelunker HD Deluxe. In this mode, retro fans can bask in the warm glow of pixel graphics, and 8-bit sounds just like the original had back in the early 80s.

Spelunker HD Deluxe will be available in Limited and Collector’s Editions as well as digital versions. Pre-orders for the former will start from Sunday, June 6th at midnight (CEST), while the latter will follow in Q3 2021 by ININ Games. The Limited Editions will be individually numbered and contain the game for Nintendo Switch or Playstation 4 and a booklet. Only 2700 copies of this edition will be released for Nintendo Switch and 1500 copies for Playstation at the cost of €29.99. The Collector’s Edition is also individually numbered and comes with the game, a Spelunker figure, glow-in-the-dark sticker, flyer, large reversible poster, soundtrack, level guide, and booklet. All of this comes packed in a collector’s edition box and is limited to 1300 copies for Nintendo Switch and 700 copies for Playstation 4. The price for the Collector’s Edition is €59.99.

Check out the official trailer for Spelunker HD Deluxe below and keep an eye on the Strictly Limited Games website for pre-orders.


  1. Joegent June 2, 2021

    Would be nice if this came to Steam but at least we have Spelunker Party!

    • Aiteksimo June 2, 2021

      Would be even nicer if Spelunker Party ever got a big discount.

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