A glimpse of the first official screenshots for Sunset by Tale of Tales now available

A glimpse of the first official screenshots for Sunset by Tale of Tales now available

Tale of Tales is an Indie studio with a reputation for doing things their own way and releasing titles that players seem to either love or hate. Titles such as The Path, The Graveyard, Bientôt l’été and Fatale blurs the boundaries between gaming and art, but this time the developers are back with something different.

The Belgium based studio plans on releasing Sunset in the spring of this year, telling the tale of Angela Burnes, who works as a housekeeper in a Fictional South American city. The game is set in a single apartment that Angela visits weekly over the course of one year in the early 1970s.

Instead of chores such as cleaning windows and washing dishes you are also given the opportunity to investigate the apartment of your mysterious employer, the wealthy Gabriel Ortega. With a revolution brewing in the streets as citizens rise up against the notorious dictator in charge, you can either do what Angela is paid to do or find out what role Ortega players in it all. The game will present you with choices that will shape the story as well as Angela’s relationship with her employer. However, bear in mind that you only have one hour, one day a week, at sunset to make your choices.

Sunset was announced in May of 2014 and managed to achieve 270% of its funding goal on Kickstarter. Tale of Tales promises anywhere from 90 minutes to six hours of gameplay, depending on how you choose to approach the story. The focus of the game is very much on the narrative, so you can influence what happens without having to worry about “winning” or “losing.”

The screenshots below are the first official glimpse at the look of the game and Auriea Harvey, one half of Tale of Tales had the following to say about them: “These shots are still work in progress and even though they do not represent the final beauty of the game, they say a lot about what is going to make the penthouse a spectacular environment to explore. Rather than try to make a photo-real environment we’ve stuck to our artistic strengths. All Tale of Tales games have a really subtle stylisation that may not look real but once you are in these environments, they feel real. To pull off this effect in Sunset we’ve pushed the colour scheme to its saturation point with the tones of the evening sky, chic lighting from designer lamps and dramatic shadows.”

If you are a fan of the earlier titles by Tale of Tales or want to experience something a little different keep an eye on Sunset. Follow Tale of Tales on Twitter, Facebook or check out their official website to keep up to date.

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  1. Jason Lang January 9, 2015

    It looks nice, but I’m sure that like with all games from Tale of Tales there is going to be plenty of people labeling it as pretentious or not a “REAL” game.

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