This War of Mine – War Child Charity DLC Making A Big Difference

This War of Mine – War Child Charity DLC Making A Big Difference

A while back 11 bit studios unveiled the War Child DLC for their acclaimed title, This War of Mine. Available in three different tiers, the DLC added some unique street art pieces to the game for players to find and collect. Artists from all over the world joined in to create these pieces and they were designed as reflections on the state of humanity during war time.

The best part of the DLC however is that all of 11bit’s proceeds goes directly to the War Child charity, where it is used to ease the suffering of children who are caught up in conflicts and wars around the globe. For example, at the moment War Child is working with Syrian refugee children in places across Iraq as well as Jordan. This is also why the DLC is available at three different prices despite the contents being the same. Whether you can only spare $0.99 or wish to contribute $19.99 every bit helps and really makes a difference in the lives of others.

The War Child Charity DLC has already gathered enough funds to support 350 children, as can be seen in the handy image below. There is still time to help out if you haven’t done so by buying the War Child Charity DLC. It will be available until April 3rd, so if you want to help make a difference, now is the time to do so. The game itself is also one of our favorite titles of last year, earning itself a 9.0 in our review, so don’t hesitate to grab yourself a copy as well if you don’t own it already.

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