Ten Questions With…  Celeritas Games

Ten Questions With… Celeritas Games


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Since its release last year Holy Purge by Celeritas Games has been terrifying players with its demonic adversaries. The goal is to play as priests and exorcise demons in various scenarios using holy crosses, silver, and other tools of the trade. With a brand new Bible Camp map just around the corner, we decided it was time to find out more about the game and its creators.

Can you give our readers a quick introduction of the studio

Celeritas Games is a game development studio founded by two brothers from Canada. Over the past five years, we have released two games: Holy Purge Exorcists, our first multiplayer game, and Sinister Halloween, a game available on PC and Virtual Reality platforms.

How did the idea for Holy Purge come about?

The idea for Holy Purge originated from our childhood experiences watching exorcism movies. We were captivated by the concept and decided to create a game inspired by it.

What is it that sets Holy Purge apart from other co-op horror games?

What sets Holy Purge apart from other co-op horror games is the unique protagonist—a priest armed with crosses. This character and their use of tools, much like a real-life exorcist battling demons, offers a fresh perspective in gaming.

What were the most significant challenges during the development of Holy Purge?

During the development of Holy Purge, one of the most significant challenges we faced was transitioning to multiplayer functionality. Ensuring that all elements worked seamlessly and replicated properly was a complex task.

What are some of your all-time favorite games and movies in the horror genre?

When it comes to our all-time favorite games and movies in the horror genre, we hold The Exorcist and Constantine in high regard among movies. As for games, we have enjoyed playing Devour and Dead Space.

What do you think it is about the horror genre that keeps players coming back for more?

The allure of the horror genre lies in a compelling story and thrilling gameplay that keeps players engaged and eager for more. The sense of excitement and the adrenaline rush of narrowly escaping death contributes to making a great horror game.

What advice do you have for players to increase their chances of survival in Holy Purge?

To increase their chances of survival in Holy Purge, we advise players to stick together and work as a team. Venturing off on one’s own can quickly turn the odds against them.

What are the future plans for Holy Purge / Ceritas Games?

Regarding future plans for Holy Purge and Celeritas Games, if the game continues to be well-received, we intend to create additional map experiences for players to enjoy.

 What is the most unusual thing on your desk right now?

As for the most unusual thing on our desk at the moment, we purchased adjustable desks that allow us to stand while working. However, we have only used them a handful of times in the past three years.

Anything else you would like to add?

Our goal is to keep developing games that bring joy to people and enable us to sustain a livelihood in the future.

We would like to thank Celeritas Games for taking the time to answer our questions and look forward to trying out the new map when it releases on June 1, 2023. In the meantime, be sure to check out our First Look Video and 3-player co-op video. Celeritas Games were also generous enough to provide us with a few keys to give away, so leave a comment below telling us your favorite horror game/movie experience for a chance to win.

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  1. Shroomrocks May 24, 2023

    The classic dog jumping through the window in og Resident Evil is my most memorable horror game memory.

  2. Ray May 24, 2023

    The first Silent Hill game is still the best in my opinion as it was my introduction to the horror game genre. Everything about the game was just so damn scary but the cat jumping out of the locker scene comes to mind as the most memorable.

    • SpeedFreek4K May 25, 2023

      The cat in the locker scene is nothing compared to meeting Pyramid Head for the first time in Silent Hill 2. I swear I’ve had nightmares about that thing.

  3. Delt/\V May 25, 2023

    There is a level in Half Life 2 called Ravenholm that scared the living daylights out of me while playing it as a child. Headcrab infested spooky place that gave me the creeps.

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