The Destiny Bundle By Bundle Stars

It might be advertised as an eight game bundle, but with the Haegemonia double pack and three games in one offered by Fate: The Traitor Soul, the final count is actually eleven. Once again the diversity is certainly not lacking and the fact that almost none of the games ever appeared in a bundle before is a huge plus.

FATE: The Traitor Soul

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Fate: The Traitor Soul might date back to 2009, but the wealth of content more than make up for the slightly dated visuals. This game is the third title in the Fate trilogy, but contains content from both the previous titles, so no prior knowledge is required to have fun. Fans of dungeon crawlers will appreciate the abundance of loot, spells and monsters found in this game. It also has more character classes than the previous titles and five different pets to choose from. The procedurally generated levels mean that the game has plenty of replay value even if you played it back when it was first released. This version of the game also includes Steam Trading Card support and Achievements. Since this is the first time that it is available in a bundle this is a great chance to get it for cheap instead of paying the full price of $7.99 on Steam.

Haegemonia Double Pack

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Next up is the Haegemonia Double Pack which is another bundle first and deal within a deal. This is because the pack contains both Haegemonia: Legions of Iron and the expansion pack Haegemonia: The Solon Heritage. The latter is a standalone title, so you don’t have to install the original game to play it. The games are real-time strategy titles set in space and features genre staples such as resource management and research. As these titles are from the makers of the Imperium Galactica 1 and 2 games there is plenty of depth, but at this point the visuals are rather dated. Legions of Iron date back to 2002, while Solon Heritage was first released in 2003. Anyone looking for cutting edge visuals won’t find it in this pack, but if you are willing to invest the time you’ll find plenty to keep you busy. The usual price for the pack is $8.99 on Steam or $4.99 each if bought separately.

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Running your own thriving postal service is probably not everyone’s idea of a good time, but gamers who like to micromanage will probably appreciate what Post Master have to offer. It doesn’t have the same amount of depth as other games in the genre, but that does make it easier to get into for newcomers. The basic idea is to set up post offices, employ people, create routes to transfer mail and do better than your competitors. You can do stuff like buy new objects for your offices, hire security guards to protect your investments all while trying to maximize your profits. The visuals are fairly simple and remind us of the early Sim City titles while the audio is also rather unremarkable. Although Post Master can’t really compete with some of the more in-depth examples of the genre it can still provide a few hours of entertainment on a rainy day. This is the first bundle appearance for the game and a much better deal than the usual $9.99 it would set you back on Steam.

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We reviewed the PC version of Commando Jack back when it was released and had this to say. “There is a lot to like about Commando Jack, but the fact that it is a straight mobile port without any enhancements does mean it will be overlooked by some players. The gameplay still shines though and there is a very enjoyable campaign to complete. The game might be free on mobile devices, but in this PC version you have everything at your disposal without any in-app purchases required. If you value gameplay over visuals and enjoy the genre give Commando Jack a shot.” The game got a respectable score of 7/10 in our review which can be viewed HERE. This is yet another title making its first bundle appearance and would normally set you back $.9.99 on Steam.

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Battleplan: American Civil War is the first, and only, title in this bundle that has been bundled before. The game is a type of hybrid strategy title that features both real time and turn-based elements. Although wargaming has traditionally been reserved for the most hardcore fans of the strategy genre, Battleplan attempts to streamline elements in order to increase the pace of the game and make it more appealing to newcomers. Strategically you only have to focus on troop movement and supply management which makes for a more accessible experience. The game offers a campaign or one off battles where you can play as either the Union or Confederate side. Battleplan: American Civil War supports Steam Achievements and Trading Cards. The normal price for the game is $9.99 on Steam.

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Covering the Early Access side of the bundle is Warring States Tactics from polynation games ltd. The game is in a nearly finished form and has an estimated release date of Q4 2014. Only three single player campaign levels are currently available, but they do provide a good idea of what to expect from the final release. The rest of the levels, along with some options, music tracks and final balancing must still be added to the game. What is on offer is quite enjoyable and turn based strategy fans will get a kick out of the ancient Chinese setting of the game. You control Qin forces in this tumultuous period of Chinese history and must defeat the other warring states in a battle for supremacy. The game is currently $6.99 on Steam, but the price will increase when it leaves Early Access. This is the first time that Warring States Tactics has appeared in a bundle of any kind.

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Although Zoo Park shares the same theme as Zoo Tycoon it unfortunately doesn’t come close to it in terms of gameplay. The game places you in charges of your own park where you start with very little animals and have to research the rest. Building habitats and keeping the animals happy will draw in visitors who reward you with popularity points. These points can then be used to upgrade the park although there isn’t quite as much depth as we would have liked to see. The game won’t be winning any awards for visuals, but the tiny animals are not without their charm. As you don’t have to worry about factors such as ticket prices or food prices your time is spent mostly on adding to the park and keeping the animals content. The normal asking price for Zoo Park is $9.99 and this is the first time that it has ever appeared in a bundle.

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The final title, which is yet another bundle debut, is Nicole from Winter Wolves. It is a visual novel starring the titular heroine and takes place at a university where mysterious disappearances are happening. Apart from doing part-time jobs to earn money and performing activities to boost your character stats there is also the mystery to solve. This is the otome version of the game, which means that there are four male characters in the game who Nicole can get romantically involved with. In total the game has ten different endings which boosts the replay value quite a bit. The usual asking price for the game on Steam is also $18.99, so this bundle is the cheapest way to try it out by far. Nicole also has Steam Achievements as well as support for Steam Trading Cards.

Even if you have bought every bundle available on the market before this one will have plenty of new content which is quite a rarity these days. The quality isn’t lacking either as there are a few great titles included. Time is running out very quickly though, so if you want to get your hands on these games head over to the official Bundle Stars website now. You’ll also find plenty of other great deals and bundles available over there.

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  1. Blurredplayerwon October 25, 2014

    First Bundle Stars bundle I bought. Totally worth it for Haegemonia. I played it when it came out and it has lost none of its fun despite age.

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