Use Cutting-Edge Web-Tech to Play Valfaris Demo In Your Browser

Use Cutting-Edge Web-Tech to Play Valfaris Demo In Your Browser

Playing games in your browser is nothing new, but the available titles tend to appeal more to casual players. However, Nuuvem, which is the leading digital game store in Latin America, has decided to leverage innovative web-technology in a slightly different way. By using “embedded gaming” web tech, players can not only play a demo for the critically-acclaimed Valfaris but also freely share and embed it, exactly like a YouTube video.

The demo is fully playable in Chrome or Firefox browser and can be tried on the Nuuvem website or just below this article where we have used the embed code. It’s definitely an innovative way to expand the reach for gaming content as the demo runs directly in the browser at full speed. Not having to mess around with installation, extensions, or launchers is quite refreshing, to be honest, and makes checking out the demo as easy as watching a video.

The Nuuvem team actually managed to get Valfaris running locally at full speed and no latency, which is quite impressive since the process is entirely web-based. Those with bandwidth limits need not be concerned either as the current demo uses up to 80% less disk space than its Steam counterpart without sacrificing any quality. Instead of streaming a small initial payload is delivered while the rest of the game’s assets are seamlessly downloaded while you play.

We see a lot of potential for this tech and making the process of sharing a demo with someone as easy as sending them the playable link is great. Let’s face it, visibility is key for developers and publishers, but not everyone is keen on installing demos because of the effort involved. With this kind of tech, there’s really no excuse to not jump straight into the game and give it a try before buying.

As for Valfaris, it’s a 2D action-platformer steeped in heavy metal from its amazing pixel art visuals to its rocking soundtrack. Just check out the demo below to see what all the fuss is about. Visit the Nuuvem website to see how the Valfaris demo is incorporated on the store page or the Big Sugar website to see other titles by the publisher of the game.

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  1. Prometheusman April 22, 2020

    I think I’ve seen something like this before (with emulators running in a browser) but this is nice. It probably won’t be practical with bigger games and slower connections. I monitored the download and it was a 80mb Unity download which is good but will probably be much bigger for larger games.

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