Gamers Attempt World’s Largest Voxel Build Using Fortresscraft Evolved

Gamers Attempt World’s Largest Voxel Build Using Fortresscraft Evolved

Fortresscraft Evolved has no shortage of players vying to outdo each other when it comes to creativity and ingenuity, but now three gamers are taking things to a whole new level. The three players joining forces, “ButcherBoyToma”, “GadgetGaz” and “CyberSclumpf” are no strangers to the game and have already wowed other players with their creations. Their plan this time around is to create one of the largest voxel builds that have ever been attempted and judging by their videos they are already off to a great start.

To see what the talented trio have accomplished so far check out the video below which shows off their Sun Temple, surrounding grounds and three of the zodiac temples. Their overall plan is to create the Sun Temple, Moon Temple and 12 zodiac temples. It is not just the scale of the project that is astonishing, but also the attention to detail and expert use of lighting.

Obviously a build of this scale requires an enormous amount of time and effort, which is why the guys have set up a Patreon for fans who want to support their work. Check out their Patreon page for more details about the tiered rewards that they are offering patrons.

If you are feeling inspired by the video and want to try your own hand at Fortresscraft Evolved you are in luck as the game is currently on sale at a hefty 75% discount. The discount ends May 11th so don’t miss out. It is also worth keeping an eye on the YouTube channels of ButcherboyToma, Gadgetgaz and Cyberschlumpf to stay updated as well as the official Sun Temple website.


  1. Fallencr3st May 5, 2015

    Woah so this will be bigger than those maps of World of Warcraft and Westeros that people made in Minecraft? That sounds almost impossible.

    • Dj May 6, 2015

      Easily bigger. Remember that the Warcraft ‘map’ was actually 8 maps, as Minecraft can only deal with a 256 metre height!

    • Paul Thompson May 6, 2015

      I am afraid they were not built in Minecraft. They were either imported or created in external software before being added to within Minecraft.
      There is a difference from those who actually build and those who use software to make it look like they do.

      • Fallencr3st May 6, 2015

        Wait what?! So this is actually done by hand in the game block by block? Thats crazy! Mad respect for these guys but dont they ever get tired of the building? I mean this is like literally building buildings lol

  2. Racrojacre95 May 6, 2015

    Please when its done make a video of meteors raining down destruction on the temple. It would be epic to see

    • Paul Thompson May 15, 2015

      That sounds like a very good idea

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