Super Dodge Ball Advance
Graphics 6
Sound 6
Gameplay 6

Super Dodge Ball Advance is a lot of fun at first but once you have won a few Championships and seen all the super moves there is not much left to do. Multi-player gives it some more longevity and if you have a game link cable with a friend to join in you can easily add another point or two to the score.

Gameplay: Fairly basic but fast paced and fun.

Graphics: Colorful and detailed 2d visuals.

Sound: Not the best I have heard but generally ok

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Super Dodge Ball Advance

Developer: Million Co. Ltd | Publisher: Activision | Release Date: 2001 | Genre: Sports | Website: n/a | Purchase: Amazon

Super Dodge Ball Advance might be one of the first sports titles for the GBA, but the franchise has quite a lot of history and since the 1987 Arcade original there has been dodge ball games on various platforms. The GBA début sports a slightly different visual style, but the game play will be familiar to fans of the series.

In case you don’t know what dodge ball is about, it is basically a sport where two teams try to hit each other as hard as possible with a ball. The team with the last man standing is declared the winner. You have four team members on your side of the court & three on the sidelines of your opponent’s court so tactically passing the ball around will allow you to nail opponents from the back or side. Of course they can do the same to you. Depending on how hard you hit an opponent they will lose some life until it is all depleted. In this game you are tested with taking your team through a championship until they emerge victorious.

Super Dodge Ball Advance is quite a fun game but if you are only interested in the single player mode you might tire of it very quickly. There are only exhibition matches & the championship mode on offer which can be completed very quickly. It is a fast paced game but with quick timing balls that are thrown at you can be easily caught. This means that more often than not matches comes down to the fifty special moves that can be pulled off. While playing against the Op Countries are ok, for the best results you will want to play the Versus Mode using a Game link cable.

The 2D visual are rather nice but look a bit different to players who have seen the past games. This is all down to the change in style for the characters. There is a fair amount of courts with lots of details. The controls are very responsive & this is very much an arcade game & not simulation as evident by the outrageous special moves. There are also plenty of meaty sound effects & upbeat tunes that bring the game to life.

For the Single Player mode alone the game is probably not that worth it. After a few runs through Championship mode you will have seen pretty much all that the game has to offer. Multiplayer should offer a bit more longevity however. The fast paced arcade style game play makes for a nice debut on the Gameboy Advance, but there are sure to be other titles incoming that will offer a bit more depth for sport fans.

*Review originally published 2001.

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