Far Away Promises To Redefine Visual Novels

Far Away Promises To Redefine Visual Novels

There has never been a better time to be a fan of visual novels as there is a wealth of titles to choose from. Fans have also been spoiled for choice when it came to the number of classic titles finally receiving English translations along with brand new titles hitting the market. As great as this is, it also makes it hard to keep track of what is worth playing. One upcoming title that certainly looks like it is worth keeping an eye on is Far Away by HongCha Games.

Far Away is the story of a bay worker named Krosa Nonet from the fictional town of Bedjan who becomes wrapped up in the city’s underworld. Thanks to multiple branching storylines and dozens of choices Krosa will encounter everyone from corrupt detectives to spies in a city that is brimming with gangs and rife with corruption. The game promises eight unique plots that are told via more than 500,000 words of text.

Far Away features an original soundtrack from Zris of Arknights and Muse Dash fame while the visuals are from the same artists who created the art for Arknight and Girls’ Frontline. The game is published by XD Network and will receive a worldwide launch across Steam and mobile platforms next year. Check out the screenshots and trailer below then head on over to the Steam store to wishlist Far Away if you like what you see.

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  1. emile 15 days ago

    First robotics;notes elite and robotics;notes dash show up on Steam and now this game is coming, what a time to be alive.

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