Juicy Realm Receives Eagerly Awaited Crossplay Update

Juicy Realm Receives Eagerly Awaited Crossplay Update

Fans of the roguelike twin-stick shooter, Juicy Realm, is in for a treat with the latest update. Not only does the update, which went live today, include the eagerly anticipated co-op mode, but also a few other extras. X.D. network and SpaceCan unveiled the Lan Crossplay Update for the indie shooter, which allows friends who are on different platforms to play together as long as they are on the same local network. The update is available already for PC and mobile users while Nintendo Switch owners will receive it soon too.

There’s some more good news for owners of the game on PC and Nintendo Switch too. These versions of the game are also getting the content that was time-limited exclusive on mobile with the crossplay update. The content includes everything from Lily, the dual-wielding dragonkin girl, to more than twenty new weapons, and backpack systems. PC owners can enjoy this content right away while the Switch update is just around the corner.

Lily is a great addition to the game, but PC and Switch players are going to have to earn the privilege to play with her by beating the game with six challenge mode modifiers on. It’s a challenge, but with co-op play, players can revive each other, which makes the roguelike experience a little more forgiving. Players can also create even more interesting and powerful builds in co-op mode, so overcoming the challenge of unlocking Lily should be a little more manageable.

Check out the Lan Crossplay Co-Op Mode trailer below. There’s no better time than now for players who have missed out on Juicy Realm to join in as well as the game will be on sale on all platforms from today.


  1. Kakashi_ June 25, 2020

    Is the Steam version going on sale today?

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