>observer_ Will Soon Be Available On Nintendo Switch

>observer_ Will Soon Be Available On Nintendo Switch

Bloober Team, the Polish indie studio who impressed us with their horror title, Layers of Fear back in 2016 and then followed it up with the cyberpunk noir thriller, >observer_, in 2017. Although >observer_ already caused a stir on PC, Xbox One, and PS4, Nintendo Switch owners will finally have a chance to see what the fuss is all about.

The cyberpunk, detective thriller is set in a future where the world is in ruins and corporations are running the show. Your character, Daniel Lazarski, works as an “Observer” for these corporations, thanks to his ability to hack into the minds of those he interrogates. However, things take a dark turn when Daniel’s son disappears and he decided to take matters into his own hands to unravel what really happened.

The game uses the unique cyberpunk setting of Krakow, Poland as its backdrop, but since it takes place in 2084 AD, it is a dark and dystopian place. Daniel has the ability to hack into the minds of criminals as well as victims, but since there is very little law in the futuristic slums, it will be up to your own morality when it comes to making the difficult choices.

>Observer will be releasing worldwide on February 7, 2019 for the Nintendo Switch and the retail price has been set at $29.99 USD/€29.99. Check out the explainer video below for more information about this unique game, or have a look at our review of the PC version. Players who enjoy psychological horror games with deep storytelling and unsettling environments should definitely give Bloober Team a follow on Twitter as well as they have proven themselves to excel on this front.

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