Spellweaver Adds Foil Cards and Much More In Latest Update

Spellweaver Adds Foil Cards and Much More In Latest Update

Spellweaver, the free-to-play digital card game from Dream Reactor received quite a big update last week, adding a bunch of long awaited features as well as improvements. The update, which went out on the 21st of September, added foil cards to the game along with new AI opponents. The update also addresses the tournament system to address concerns from players who found it a little underwhelming in the past.

The new foil cards add some new visual appeal to the game and are designed to resemble the physical foils found in most real-life card games. Foils will be able available from every type of pack you open in the game, but Premium Packs doubles your chances. These cards also have higher crafting costs as well as much greater unbind values. Dream Reactor generously decided to retroactively award players with foil cards for all cards obtained from the date that the expansion was released onward along with five extra foils.

For players who enjoy taking on AI opponents, there are six new ones for the PvE Challenges. According to Dream Reactor, all of the new opponents are rare and will also give nice rewards. On top of that, the game now includes four new Hard AI opponents to really test the skills of players.

All in all, this update to the game has been the biggest since the Valiant Dawn expansion was released. Spellweaver is one of the more in-depth digital card games on PC and this update makes it even more rewarding. It is also the perfect excuse to get back into the game if you have tried it in the past or for newcomers to give it a try. Spellweaver can be downloaded for free from Steam and don’t forget to follow the developers on Twitter or Facebook for more information.

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