Mythic Ocean (Paralune LLC)

Mythic Ocean (Paralune LLC)

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It’s not every day that you get to swim around a tranquil underwater kingdom and interact with a pantheon of gods, but that’s precisely what is in store for players of Mythic Ocean. The game is set to release sometime later this year, but the developers, Paralune was kind enough to provide us with a demo to check out in the meantime. They describe Mythic Ocean as a narrative exploration game, which is pretty apt as there is no combat or death to worry about in this title. Instead, you can take your time to explore your surroundings and chat with the goofy cast of characters that inhabit it.

The demo opens with the unnamed protagonist waking up without any memory and being told that a new world is about to be born. However, you will be able to directly influence what type of world it will be by talking to the gods that are shaping it. Whether it will be a world of harmony or one that is in total pandemonium is going to depend on what you say to the gods, so no pressure!

The demo that we played only featured three of the gods, but it did provide us with a nice taste of what is to come in the full game. The gameplay is very dialog-focussed, which gives Mythic Ocean the feel of a visual novel. It also features free-roaming exploration, which allows you to check out the peaceful underwater environments between conversations. It’s not a vast open world, but instead, each god has their own small, personalized area. Players can fast travel between these areas after discovering their locations, and your character has a sonar ability to highlight points of interest. Mythic Ocean is viewed from a first-person perspective, which allows you to appreciate the various areas such as the coral reef, kelp forest, and moss cavern up close and personal.

Mythic Ocean is definitely a very peaceful experience and swimming around while listening to the soothing soundtrack is quite relaxing. In addition to the gods, each area also has a bunch of smaller critters to who you can chat. Most of them have something humorous to say, so it’s worth seeking them out. Each area also has some hidden pages to collect if you want to learn more about the world.

It’s going to be interesting to see just how much influence players will have on the fate of the universe when Mythic Ocean is released. Judging by the demo, it’s going to be a great game for players looking for a change of pace. Mythic Ocean can already be wishlisted on the Steam store and keep an eye on the official website as well as Twitter for more information.

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