Where To Find More Free Indie Games

Where To Find More Free Indie Games

When it comes to PC gaming, the indie game scene has always been one that offers up some of the best diversity in game design that you’re likely to see from developers. Sure, rarely do the production values match the latest triple AAA release, but it’s not uncommon to see mechanics perfected in the indie space before they become popularized in the wider market. But if you’re looking for the next batch of free indie darlings to play, where should you start?


As the largest marketplace for games available right now, it should be no surprise that Steam also has one of the largest libraries of indie games, including those that are free-to-play. When you’re using the Steam game search function, all you simply have to do is click the “free-to-play” option in the search filter list. This will help you avoid any games that ask for payment up-front, but it is worth being aware that some, such as online trading card games, may have purchases within the software.



Many developers consider itch.io to be the developer’s hub for indie games on the internet. There are more games that any one person could possibly be able to play, no matter how much free time you have. There are plenty of inexpensive games available right off the bat from the home page, but there is also the free games section that takes visitors to all those that come at no cost. Unlike on the Steam marketplace, none of the free games on itch.io are likely to have in-app purchases, either.


Torrent sites

Torrent sites and clients get a bad rap because, yes, they have been commonly used for the purposes of piracy. However, when it comes to downloading bundles of games that were designed to be free, then there are a few tools that make it easy to download so many of them in one go. Just check out this list of 21 torrent sites to find which apps or community is most active at the moment. Be sure to only use them to download games that you have a right to download and play for free, as well.

Checking the latest bundles

Okay, so the various indie bundles on the net, popularized by the Humble Indie Bundle, may not necessarily be free. However, given that you can pay whatever you like for them, that’s as close as you can get to free without actually charging nothing. The indie bundles that we cover regularly update, either focusing on a particular developer, theme, or putting the spotlight on a certain game. For an incredibly low price, you can consistently get the chance to play something that has been filtered out from the noise of an otherwise full indie market.

One of the best things about the indie game scene is that there is always something to play. How well polished and developed they may be can differ, but getting stuck in is a great way to learn about how different people approach game design.

Humble Bundle

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  1. VampireformerlyknownasLestat June 25, 2020

    If I’m not mistaken Humble Bundle allows you to download the DRM free versions of the indie bundles that you buy from them via torrent. At least they used to back when bought from them.

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