Action Henk Updated With New Level Editor

Action Henk Updated With New Level Editor

Action Henk from RageSquid continues its speedy progress towards completion and has recently receive another big update. The latest patch introduced a new disco-themed environment along with some new levels. You’ll also have the opportunity to race against Henk’s sensei, Neil, who can be unlocked as a playable character if you manage to beat him.

Another big new addition to the game is the much anticipated level editor. With integrated Steam Workshop support it is easy to create, share and play community levels. It is obviously still in an early access state, but very easy to use. Check out the full list of changes that comes with this update below.


  • Level editor.
  • Steam Workshop support for levels.



  • New levels
  • Party Hardy (Easy).
  • Neil’s Challenge (Easy, Challenge level).
  • Boxing Betsy’s Challenge (Easy, Challenge level).
  • Betsy’s Hook Challenge (Medium, Challenge level).


Other level changes/fixes

  • Tornado, Spaghetti, Boing and Easy Peasy moved to the disco environment.
  • Kentony’s Challenge 1 now unlocks Kentony if you can beat him.


The following levels have been altered in such a way that it invalidated all replays so they have their leaderboards reset: Hot Feet, Tornado, Spaghetti, Boing, Easy Peasy and Halfway Hook.


  • New song: Betsy’s theme 8 bit version.
  • New song: Disco theme.
  • New song: Level editor theme.



  • Neil.
  • Kentony.
  • Boxing Betsy.
  • Warrior Betsy.



  • Level editor achievement awarded when a level is uploaded.
  • New camera shots when the player is selecting a ghost to race against.



  • Lighting in Halloween environment adjusted.
  • Ingame camera movement smoother. (There were people who thought they didn’t have 60 fps while fps meters stated they did, this should fix it.)
  • Physics bug fixed where the character would suddenly release from or stick to the track when it was not supposed to.

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