The Apocalypse Bundle By Bundle Stars

With 11 Steam titles for only $4.99 it is hard to argue with the value of the Apocalypse Bundle. Almost half of these titles have never been bundled before and the level of quality on offer is also pretty good. As the title suggests, most of the games have a slightly dark theme, but with genres spanning third person adventures, role playing games, platformers and more, it has something for everyone.

Afterfall Reconquest Episode I

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Opening the bundle is Afterfall Reconquest, the first of two Early Access titles. The game is a third-person action title with a survival horror slant. Set in the aftermath of an apocalyptic war, the game casts you in the role of a survivor seeking out whoever or whatever annihilated your family. We checked out the game when it was first released on Early Access and the developers have definitely been very busy since then. The art style of the game has also undergone a dramatic change since the initial release and it now sports a spooky black & white filter which gives it a more gritty, comic book style appearance. Afterfall Reconquest will eventually consist of nine episodes and should be out of Early Access in less than a week. Since this is the first time that the game has been bundled it is a perfect opportunity to grab it for a bargain.


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Next up we have Evoland making its second bundle appearance. The game serves almost as a time capsule for the evolution of the role playing game genre (on console at least) as you start out with basic Gameboy style visuals and progressively unlock new technologies. These unlocks not only improve the way that the game look and sound, but also how your character controls. Players who have actually experienced the evolution of the genre will definitely appreciate the concept, but even newcomers should have fun. Since the focus is on humor and nostalgia, Evoland doesn’t have an epic storyline, but the numerous references and parodies keeps things entertaining. It is not a very long experience, but definitely something that all fans of the genre should check out.

Meridian: New World

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Meridian New World is another title that has only been bundled once before. It is a 90s style real-time strategy game where you battle enemies on the planet of Meridian. Compared to other titles in the genre, Meridian falls short in a few key areas, but nonetheless it remains an impressive effort considering it was made almost entirely by one person! Players who enjoy titles such as Command & Conquer will appreciate what Meridian New World has to offer, but bear in mind that you can only play as one faction and the amount of units are also rather limited. The game is a single player only affair, but the story and ability to talk to other characters between missions keep things interesting. As long as you don’t expect too much from the game there is still fun to be had with it.

bit Dungeon II

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Players who enjoy roguelike titles with permadeath and plenty of action will appreciate the inclusion of bit Dungeon II in this bundle. The game throws you into a world of demons and monsters where you must slay everything in sight to survive and bring peace to the soul of your loved one. The game uses a classic Zelda style overhead perspective for the action, but the challenging gameplay has more in common with Dark Souls or Diablo. The retro style visuals might not appeal to everyone and the game can be punishing at first, but it is also quite addictive. The combat is rather simplistic, but it does ensure that the game is fast paced. The permadeath feature and randomly generated items also mean that the replay value of bit Dungeon II is quite high. Since this is its first bundle appearance, it is a great opportunity to add it to your collection.


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Don’t let the 2D pixel art visuals fool you, Claire definitely manages to capture the same spooky atmosphere of 3D survival horror titles. Playing as Claire, players must explore a world of darkness, but fortunately her dog Anubis is along for the ride. The game makes good use of light and darkness to keep things atmospheric and the sound effects definitely ramp up the chills as well. Anubis can warn Claire of danger, but she has to use the environment to her advantage in order to avoid the creepy enemies. Since the game features multiple ending as well as a “New Game +” it definitely has some replay value as well. Players who love the atmosphere of games such as Silent Hill and Lone Survivor are well advised to check out Claire. This is the third bundle appearance for this title.

Pineview Drive

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Pineview Drive is a horror themed title with a very interesting premise. As you explore the old and abandoned mansion for clues about the disappearance of your wife, the game will keep track of your fear. This is done by monitoring the movements of your character and mouse to see how on edge you are by the spooky atmosphere. While this is a unique approach the genre, it doesn’t always work quite as intended. You have 30 in-game days to explore the creaky old mansion for clues, but after a few days things can become a little repetitive as most of your time is spent hunting down keys. The sound effects are quite good though, and the game was also updated after its release with two new game modes that are unlocked after completing the main story. This is the first time that Pineview Drive has been bundled and it normally sells for $19.99 on Steam.

Madballs in Babo:Invasion

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Want to roll around colorful arenas blasting everything to bits? Then don’t miss out on Madballs in Babo: Invasion. Based on the rubber toys from the 1980s, Madballs features a lengthy ten level single player campaign as well as multi-player and co-op modes. Thanks to the age of the game, it can be tricky to find other players to join in on the fun, so encourage a couple of friends to also grab this bundle if you want to experience the multi-player modes. Because of its wacky cast of characters and over the top weapons the game is still fun to play and well worth checking out if you haven’t grabbed it yet from a previous bundle.

The Nightmare Cooperative

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We checked out The Nightmare Cooperative when it was first released and awarded it a score of 7.7/10. Here is what we had to say about this unique title. “A sixteen level rogue-like with small, screen sized levels might not sound like much, but The Nightmare Cooperative might just surprise you. There is a large selection of characters and controlling them all at the same time is certainly a unique, not to mention challenging experience. Learning how to play the game is a breeze, but truly mastering it will keep you busy for quite some time. If you enjoy rogue-like titles, but want something that breaks down the genre into its most basic elements you will enjoy The Nightmare Cooperative. It’s not the biggest or flashiest game in the genre, but it has a lot of heart and packs a mean challenge.”

Sideway™ New York

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Sideway New York is a 2D platform title, but features an interesting graffiti styled world to traverse. While your movement is basically 2D, the gameworld is 3D, which means camera angles can change and with it your orientation. Your character is restricted to movement along flat surfaces, such as walls and roofs and must use the environment as well as graffiti as platforms. It is a really cool idea, but the execution is not always that great and despite its short length the game can quickly become repetitive. The game does support drop-in/drop-out local co-op and collecting new abilities is fun, but it doesn’t really have what it takes to stand out in such a crowded genre. This is also the fourth bundle appearance for Sideway New York.


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The second, and final, Early Access title in this Bundle is AX: EL from Axe Eel Games. The game was originally called MorphShift Wars, but underwent a name change a while back. As it is still in Early Access, AX:EL can definitely do with a bit more polish, but the game is already quite fun. You are given control of shape-shifting vehicles which you can use in aerial or underwater dogfights. Since the game uses arcade style handling you don’t have to worry about spending too much time learning how to control your craft and can instead focus on blasting everything out of the sky (or water.) Kills are rewarded with credits which can be spent on new vehicles or modifications. The multi-player arena mode is already worth the price of admission, so if you enjoy fast paced, arcade style blasters you can’t go wrong with AX:EL.

Verde Station

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Last, but not least, is Verde Station, which is a first person title set aboard a space station. Your character is living aboard the station in complete solitude as part of a yearlong mission. This is definitely one of those titles where it is actually better to know as little as possible before you play. The game does have a story and react to the way that you play, but you will have to explore and dig deep to uncover what is going on. It is also a game that encourages multiple playthroughs as you will probably miss a lot of things the first time round. Depending on your behavior during subsequent playthroughs you might also notice subtle changes. Verde Station is not a game for players expecting combat or puzzles, but anyone up for something slightly different will enjoy the experience. This is also the first time that Verde Station has been bundled.

Players who enjoy games with slightly “darker” settings or stories will have a lot to like about the Apocalypse Bundle. The fact that it features titles making their bundle debuts, such as Afterfall: Reconquest, Pineview Drive and Verde Station make it even more appealing. With a saving of $105 you really can’t go wrong with this bundle, but hurry up as time is running out. Check out the official Bundle Stars website to buy your copy before the timer runs out and while you are there check out the other great bundles on offer.

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