The Big Rigs Bundle By Bundle Stars

Simulation titles are not everyone’s cup of tea, but with a discount of 96% there is very little reason not to give this bundle a try. Don’t let the name of the bundle scare you away either as (thankfully) Big Rigs: Over the Road Racing is NOT included. Instead you have 8 simulation themed titles spanning a variety of settings.

Scania Truck Driving Simulator

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If you are new to the world of truck driving simulators, the first title in this bundle will get you up to speed. The game simulates the Scania R-series truck and shows you the ropes through ten truck maneuvering challenges set up in the form of a license test where you will learn to alley dock, attach a trailer and more. Then there is the driver competition which requires precision maneuvering of your large truck in events modelled after the Young European Truck Driver competition. You also get to try out “Dangerous Drives” which is a series of challenges spanning scenarios that real truck drivers face such as bad weather or mountainous roads. Finally there are some freeform missions to try out and a gallery of truck related media to watch. Although the size and scope on offer in Scania Truck Driving Simulator is not as impressive as Euro Truck Simulator 2 it is still a nice, albeit tricky, introduction to the genre.

Bus Driver

Windows | View this game on Steam | Single Player | Partial Controller Support

If you prefer driving a bus instead of a truck then Bus Driver has got you covered. It features 12 different buses to drive along 30 different routes. The routes are arranged into 5 tiers that increases in difficulty and each one also has a different scenario to keep things interesting. You might be driving kids to the sport center for a swimming contest in one mission while transporting prisoners in another. Although Bus Driver has a large city the visuals are starting to show their age a bit. It is still a very chill game to play though and surprisingly addictive. Having to accurately obey the rules of the road makes for a challenging, but mellow experience. Players who prefer action packed titles will probably find Bus Driver a little too mellow and unfortunately there is no interior camera view either. It also doesn’t have the depth of other Bus Driving titles such as OMSI 2, but it is still a decent enough title for whiling away some time.

Euro Truck Simulator

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Although surpassed by its sequel, Euro Truck Simulator is still as entertaining to play as it was when it was released back in 2008. The game is set in Europe and challenges you to deliver freight using long haul trucks. Euro Truck Simulator features realistic trucks, complete with detailed interior views and while the visuals show their age there is still an impressive amount of locations. The sequel improved on this game with better graphics and an expanded gameworld, but anyone stuck with an older computer will still be able to enjoy Euro Truck Simulator. It can be challenging, but there is something strangely relaxing about hitting the open road with your truck and completing deliveries all across Europe. It is one of the most bundled titles included in this bundle, but definitely worth a look for anyone yet to experience what it has to offer.

Ski Region Simulator – Gold Edition

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Ski Region Simulator offers a break from the hustle and bustle of city driving and provides you with your own ski region to manage. You have to keep your slopes in top condition to keep the customers happy while also keeping an eye on your finances. The neat thing about Ski Region Simulator is that it doesn’t drown you in spreadsheets, but gives you the freedom to wander around in first person while taking part in missions and events. Since this is the “Gold Edition” of the game it also includes two sets of DLC with more tools and vehicles. The game also includes MOD SDK which allows you to add new content created by other players. While it doesn’t quite have the same depth as similar titles, such as Farming Simulator, it does offer an entertaining experience with the potential to keep you hooked. This is the first time that Ski Region Simulator – Gold Edition has appeared in a bundle.

Rulers of Nations

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The next title to make its bundle debut is Rulers of Nations from Eversim. One thing is certain, this is not a title that will appeal to everyone. If you keep track of politics and world affairs you’ll appreciate the amount of depth that Rulers of Nations has to offer, but everyone else might be put off by the mountains of statistics the game throws at you. It turns out that running a country while keeping everyone happy is not an easy job and unless you put in some serious time and effort the game can feel overly convoluted. Rulers of Nations might not be the best looking game or easiest to get into, but players who can appreciate the subject matter might find themselves hooked. It is just a pity that everything is buried underneath such a clunky interface.

Trucks & Trailers

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Trucks & Trailers takes us back to the big rigs, but this time without any open world elements. Instead, you are given 50 driving challenges that are set against a clock. These challenges range from quickly and accurately parking your truck with its trailer to navigating through an obstacle filled yard. You won’t be cruising down any highways while admiring the scenery in Trucks & Trailers, but the short challenges will appeal to players who don’t have the time for the former. Visually the game looks pretty good for a title released in 2011, but at the end of the day your enjoyment of this title will depend on how much you like to park trucks.

Farming World

Windows / Mac | View this game on Steam  |Single Player | Steam Trading Cards

Giving you the opportunity to create a thriving agricultural company is Farming World from Excalibur. You start out with a small patch of land from which you need to expand your farming empire. The game isn’t short on options with more than 30 different types of seeds, 40 plus building types and 12 different animals. There is a tutorial to show you the ropes before you can jump into the campaign mode where you are pitted against a rival or the freeplay mode where you are on your own. The visuals in Farming World are 2D and have more in common with Simfarm than recent farming titles where you get to drive around in 3D. This also mean that it is more of a tycoon type game and not a simulator, so unless you are a fan of the genre it can become a little monotonous. While Farming World is a kind of love it or hate it type game this is the first time that it has been bundled, so you can decide for yourself.


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Rounding out the bundle is Taxi, a game where you not only get to drive the car, but also run the business. You can set up shop in the US, Germany or UK and then purchase new vehicles, hire drivers and make some money. Although taxi features a day and night cycle as well as weather effects, the visuals look rather dated compared to similar titles. More damning however is the gameplay which grows repetitive all too soon. The problem is that everything in Taxi has been done before, either in a more exciting or more realistic manner which makes it hard to recommend the game. This is however the first time that the game has been bundled which makes it a good opportunity to check it out for cheap.

Covering everything from trucks to busses, taxis, snow plows and even geo-political simulation, the Big Rigs Bundle definitely packs many hours of gameplay. Some of the games are great, some average and one or two will probably only appeal to a few players, but overall there’s no denying the value for money. If you are a fan of the genre and you are lacking some of the titles in this bundle, especially the ones from SCS Software, this is a must have. There’s only a few days left though, so head over to the official Bundle Stars website to purchase your copy.

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