Fire Emblem: Three Houses Tribute Album Now Available

Fire Emblem: Three Houses Tribute Album Now Available

Fans of ROZEN, who previously released the brilliant (not to mention Billboard-charting) Sins of Hyrule and The Keyblade War are in for a treat with the newly released Crest of Flames. This time the G.A.N.G. Award-winning arranger and composer has set his sights on Fire Emblem: Three Houses, the latest installment of Nintendo’s acclaimed franchise. Even better, his longtime collaborator, REVEN, is back with vocal contributions while the Sofia Session Orchestra delivers an ensemble performance.

According to ROZEN, he loved the music from Fire Emblem: Three Houses and wanted to delve even further into the score after the success of his ‘Fódlan Winds’ single. This time he was able to provide an even greater blend of EDM and orchestral styles compared to his past releases. Having listened to the nine tracks featured on Crest of Flames we can safely say this is an album that fans will listen to again and again.

Crest of Flames is currently available on all storefronts while a limited vinyl edition is also in the works. Pre-orders for the vinyl edition should be announced in the near future. In the meantime, check out the tracklist for Crest of Flames below, and be sure to purchase your copy from your favorite storefront. For more information about ROZEN and REVEN, visit their respective official websites.

The track list for Crest of Flames is as follows:

01. Three Houses Main Theme
02. Life at Garreg Mach Monastery
03. Fódlan Winds
04. Awakening
05. Tearing Through Heaven
06. Chasing Daybreak
07. Unfulfilled
08. Between Heaven and Earth
09. The Edge of Dawn

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