Hang On To Your Hat For Jazz Covers of Super Mario 64

Hang On To Your Hat For Jazz Covers of Super Mario 64

There have been many Mario titles since the release of Super Mario 64 in 1996, but it still holds a special place in the hearts of many. Moving Mario into the third dimension was a big step for Nintendo, but they managed to pull it off with aplomb. It’s not just the visuals and gameplay that made the game so memorable either, but also the iconic soundtrack composed by Koji Kondo. Now, Materia Collective is paying homage to the music of Super Mario 64 with Hang on to Your Hat by the Video Game Jazz Orchestra.

Hang on to Your Hat will be the debut big band jazz album by the Video Game Jazz Orchestra, with David Russell stepping into the role of producer and working with a team of top-notch arrangers. According to David each of the arrangers on Hang on to your Hat are at the top of their game to ensure that fans of jazz are in for a treat. Care has also been taken to ensure that the original pieces are honored, but also elevated in a way that’s never been heard before.

It’s certainly not an easy goal, but if anyone is up to the task, then it’s the Video Game Jazz Orchestra. Materia Collective set out with a goal to showcase the best of what videogame music has to offer and for that, they did not settle for anything less than the highest tier of talent. The result is top of the line jazz arrangements and while Super Mario 64 is the subject of Hang on to Your Hat, the group will be covering a variety of other games too in the future.

Hang on to Your Hat is licensed and available digitally and in limited edition CD formats with a vinyl edition to follow in the future. Have a listen to the tracks below, check out the music video, and be sure to grab the album from bandcamp, Spotify, or your online store of choice. The CD is available straight from the Materia Store. For more information about this and other exciting projects by Materia Collective give them a follow on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and SoundCloud.

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