The Killer 3 Bundle by Bundle Stars

Another Killer Bundle from Bundle Stars, which means ten top quality titles with great gameplay and even better value for money. Best of all, a large chunk of these titles have never been bundled before, which makes it great for regular bundle buyers. In addition, the variety is definitely not lacking either and there is something for everyone included in this selection of titles.

Planetary Annihilation

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The original release of this game was far from stellar, but after some tweaking and balancing it is a much better and more stable title. While not as great as games such as Total Annihilation and Supreme Commander from which it has drawn its inspiration, Planetary Annihilation offers enough strategic gameplay to keep fans hooked. The pace of the game, especially on the higher difficulty settings, is fast enough that good multi-tasking skills are required just to stay alive. Be warned, there is no easy mode and if you make mistakes you will be punished, usually brutally. This is a game where you won’t get far if you try to play defensively. Battles also take place on spherical battlefields, so there is nowhere to hide on the maps. This is also not a game where you’ll find a story campaign, but the map editor and mod support should keep fans busy for ages. This is the first bundle appearance for Planetary Annihilation and since it usually retails for $29.99 there’s no excuse to grab it for this cheap.

S.T.A.L.K.E.R: Call of Pripyat

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Return to the spooky and compelling world of S.T.A.L.K.E.R in this third and final entry in the popular series. Set within the contaminated area around the Chernobyl nuclear reaction, the game casts you in the role of Agent Alexander Degtyarev. Under the guise of a stalker you must infiltrate the area to discover the reason why five military helicopters never returned from their mission into the zone. The game features a revamped interface, new monsters and the same open world style gameplay that made the previous two titles so compelling. It’s not an easy title, but very rewarding to play as the odds are very much stacked against you. Despite its age the game still looks pretty decent too, as it was one of the first titles to use DirectX 11. Call of Pripyat usually sells for $19.99 and its only previous bundle appearance was in the S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Complete Bundle by Bundle Stars.

Of Orcs And Men

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Feel like playing a dark, fantasy adventure, but tired of being cast in the role of a goody two shoes human? Of Orcs And Men shakes things up by portraying the humans as the bad guys and giving you control of a hulking Orc warrior on a suicide mission. Your goal is to kill the Emperor in order to free the Orcs and along the way you are also joined by a stealthy Goblin. The game is a fairly short and linear entry in the genre, but the story makes for a refreshing change from the usual fantasy fare. As Styx the goblin you can sneak around and quietly dispose of foes while Arkail the Orc is useful for full melee combat. Although ambitious the game is not without its flaws, but since this is the first time that it has ever been bundled it is definitely worth the asking price.

It came from space, and ate our brains

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Up next is another title making its bundle debut, this time in the form of It Came From Space, And Ate Our Brains. B-movie inspired title aside, this is a top down shooter with six levels of alien blasting. Playing as one man alien killing machine equipped with a gun and a flashlight it is your job to stay alive for as long as possible. Enemies attack in relentless waves, but all the weapons at your disposal can be upgraded to fend them off. If you tire of shooting weird, pink aliens on your own you can also team up with three other players for some co-op action. The game features some very nice, minimalistic style visuals and addictive gameplay. It usually sells for $9.99 and is a great title for shooter fans.

Super Motherload

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The debuts continues with Super Motherload from Xgen Studios. The game has a unique Cold-War era setting, but takes place on a procedurally generated Martian landscape. As a worker for the Solarus Corporation you need to harvest the natural resources that are buried deep beneath the soil. Using the money you earn from mining you ca upgrade your craft, but need to keep an eye on your fuel levels as you delve deeper. The game also features some tricky puzzles to solve as well as a branching storyline with multiple endings. Another great feature is the four player local co-op mode where things can get really frantic. Super Motherload would usually set you back $14.99 and this is the first time that it has been featured in a bundle.

Merchants of Kaidan

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Buy low and sell high in this unique trading game which is also packed with role playing elements. The game features four different storylines and plenty of quests which spices up the trading aspect of the game. Thanks to the random events that can occur you must constantly be on guard against disaster if you want to hold on to your hard earned gold. Merchants of Kaiden is not an easy game, but working yourself up from almost nothing is very rewarding. Since it favors statistics over swordfights it probably won’t’ appeal to the action crowd, but there is enough variety here to keep things from becoming stale. If you are looking for a challenging trading game that won’t hold your hand every step of the way Merchants of Kaidan will make a fine addition to your library. It is also a great opportunity to get it for cheap as the game has never been bundled before.

The Original Strife: Veteran Edition

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Amidst the glut of first person shooters which emerges from the shadows of Doom during the 90s, the original Strife was one of the few that did things a little differently. Although the game ran on the Doom 3D engine it combined the action with plenty of role playing elements as well as a large, fleshed out gameworld to explore. A special mention should also go to the excellent arsenal of weapons that you have at your disposal when you step into the role of a resistance fighter. With ambitious elements, such as a hub system non player characters and conversation choices, Strife is one of those games that spawned plenty of imitators of its own. This is not just the original game dumped on Steam without any enhancements either as it has widescreen support, dynamic lighting and bloom, Steam Achievements and Steam Trading Cards. It even went as far as completing the “Capture the Chalice” multi-player mode, marked objectives on the auto-map and more that was unfinished in the original game. Like many other titles in this bundle this game has also never been bundled before.

Letter Quest: Grimm’s Journey

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Players who fondly remember the Bookworm Adventures titles from Popcap games will find that Letter Quest: Grimm’s Journey offers a similarly addictive experience. The game scored a respectable 8.3 in our Review back in 2014 and we had the following to say about this title: Its addictive gameplay, charming visuals and catchy soundtrack ensure that Letter Quest is an entertaining and relaxing title. It has plenty of challenges to keep you busy and while there is a bit of grind involved the RPG elements keeps things interesting. If you are looking for a game to pass some time without worrying too much about a story then Letter Quest is a great option.


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Survivalist is one of the few titles in this collect that have been bundled before, but if you have previously missed out now is your time to make up for it. Before the collapse of civilization your character was a hedge fund manager, but with the vicious zombies now roaming the streets you will have to find and team up with other people in order to survive. Survivalist features a huge open world to explore, but you’ll have to keep track of your hunger and fatigue unless you want to become easy prey for the zombies. In addition to the role playing elements the game also takes cues from the real-time strategy genre by allowing you to command other characters that join your community. The game already offers a lot of value for money considering its low asking price, but as part of this bundle it is a steal.

Spark Rising

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Rounding out this bundle is Spark Rising, a first person shooter that is still in Early Access. The unique premise of this game is that you are a Spark Bot who is rebelling against a mad god who is in the process of ripping the entire galaxy apart. The game features multiple gameplay modes, vibrant visuals and procedurally generated maps, so there is already a lot to enjoy. In fact, there is even a creative mode where you have the freedom to build your own stuff. Since the game is in Early Access new features are still being implemented and the developers have some interesting stuff lined up, such as the ability to import creations from Minecraft and Qubicle.

This third entry in the Killer Bundle series lives up to the legacy of its predecessors and once again features a great selection of games at an unbeatable price. The Killer Bundles are always amongst the most popular offerings from Bundle Stars, so unless you want to miss out you had better rush over to the official Bundle Stars website and grab a copy.

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