Muse Dash Set To Celebrate 2nd Anniversary In Style

Muse Dash Set To Celebrate 2nd Anniversary In Style

Muse Dash was one of our favorite games of 2019 on PC, but it has been entertaining mobile users even before that. In fact, June 12th, 2020, will mark the 2nd anniversary of this great rhythm-based game. We are clearly not the only ones who love the game either as it has sold over 1.7 million across all platforms. Part of the reason for this success is the continued support that the game has received in the form of brand new song packs. This trend is set to continue as PeroPeroGames and X.D. Network has announced a 2nd Anniversary content update that will be released on June 12th.

This special update will not only include brand new songs, but also new illustrations, a new character, as well as a collaboration event with the famous VTuber Fubuki Shirakami. She has always been interacting with the Mush Dash official Twitter account and playing the game quite often on her stream, so this collaboration makes a lot of sense. Her song, [Say! ファンファーレ! ] will be included with the other free songs being added with the new content update. In addition, there will be an illustration in the game that features the cute Fox and Buro, who is the new character being added.

A while back PeroPero released an alternate reality game on Muse Dash’s official Twitter account that hinted at who the new character would be. Buro is a schoolgirl and her unique ability is being able to continuously hit marked enemies when holding down the buttons. It is an ability that players will really appreciate in the more difficult songs featuring lots of quick tap notes in rows.

Another highlight of the upcoming content drop is a new DLC music pack titled [MUSE RADIO], which features a new retro-style stage. It will arrive along with the collaboration and 2nd-anniversary illustrations. Players can also look forward to three new free songs; [mopemope], [Best One feat.墨橙], and [Say! ファンファーレ! ]. However, seeing as the game will be getting a new historical low price discount for its 2nd-Anniversary, there’s no excuse not to grab the DLC pass. The base game will be 60% and the DLC pass 35% off on Steam and mobile while Nintendo Switch owners can get 35% off for the full game. With more than 180 songs already in the game, it certainly offers a lot of value for money!

For more information on Muse Dash check out our REVIEW and be sure to follow X.D Network on Twitter.

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