NieR: Automata Arrangement Album Become As Gods

NieR: Automata Arrangement Album Become As Gods

Despite the countless hours we’ve spent in NieR: Automata discovering all the secrets and endings, we still find ourselves regularly listening to the incredible soundtrack. Thankfully, arrangers like ROZEN+REVEN have allowed us to experience the beautiful soundtrack with new interpretations, such as their 2017 release of NieR: Glory to Mankind. The album is still one of our favorites out of their superlative catalog, so we were pretty happy with the news that they have released a brand new album titled NieR: Become as Gods.

NieR: Become as Gods is a hybrid orchestral pop tribute to the PlatinumGames classic and sees ROZEN+REVEN tackling eleven pieces from the soundtrack. The original soundtrack, composed by the MoNACA sound team, is already amazing, but this album is equally brilliant. According to REVEN, coming back to the NieR: Automata soundtrack with more experience and more tools felt like coming back to complete another run of the game. REVEN added that while they had a lot of ideas and knew how they wanted to approach a lot of the album, there were still plenty of unforeseen challenges, such as the global pandemic that had to be navigated. Nevertheless, REVEN stated that they are really proud of NieR: Become as Gods and consider it some of their best work yet.

After listening to the album a few times, we definitely have to agree. In addition to the orchestral-pop sounds of the duo, the album also blends in heavy-hitting strings and brass, stark choir, textures of winds and synths, along with some electric guitars. Of course, REVEN also contributes a plethora of vocals to the album, which perfectly suits the music. The live orchestra sections featured on the album were recorded by the Sofia Session Orchestra and Choir in Sofia, Bulgaria. Several tracks on the album include a traditional Bulgarian Choir, and the results are beautiful, to say the least.

Our favorite track on the album is City Ruins (Shade), which is another excellent interpretation of one of the most recognizable NieR: Automata songs. However, songs like Peaceful Sleep, Forest Kingdom, and Pascal are just as incredible.

NieR: Become as Gods is available now on all digital and streaming platforms, so use THIS link to purchase your copy if you are a fan of good music. Pre-orders can also be placed for CDs and vinyl that will begin shipping in 2022. Check out the Materia Collective website for the tracklist and credits () or give the album a listen via the bandcamp player below.

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