Official GRIS Piano Collections Album Out Now

Official GRIS Piano Collections Album Out Now

GRIS was released in 2018 and scored a well-deserved 9/10 in our review after impressing us with its stellar visuals and incredible soundtrack. Now, thanks to Materia Collective, fans of this incredible game can relive the memories with the official GRIS Piano Collections album release.

The official GRIS Piano Collections album is the latest in the long-running series by Materia Collective and joins the ranks of Hollow Knight, Celeste, Stardew Valley, Undertale, and many others. The album features the talents of arranger David Peacock and performer Augustine Mayuga Gonzales who collaborated closely with composer Berlinist and game company Nomada Studio. The result is a collection of 15 tracks that is a must-have for fans of the game as well as anyone who loves great piano music.

David Peacock has stated that while arranging the music of GRIS, he realized how crucial it would be to capture the space and atmosphere that Berlinist created. He added that this translated to using very different piano textures and strategic timing of the sustain pedal to capture delicate reverb tails found in several pieces. In addition, liberal use of the una corda pedal and physically plucking the strings were crucial for the music. Having listened to the album, we can confirm that it retains the beautifully haunting atmosphere that made GRIS such a standout title.

The Official GRIS Piano Collections album is available via digital and streaming platforms right now. Pre-orders are also available for physical CDs, vinyl, and sheet music books, which will begin shipping in 2022. The CDs will feature holographic foil stamping and a 24-page booklet, while the vinyl is a limited edition with only 2,000 copies consisting of 140 gram 2xLP and a 12-page booklet. Fans who can play the piano will appreciate the 110-page sheet music books, which also feature beautiful imagery from the game.

Listening to the album brought back fond memories of the game, and in our opinion, it perfectly captures the essence of the original music. GRIS had a lot of emotional moments, which shines through in the music even without the game’s beautiful visuals. Fans of GRIS will obviously enjoy this album the most, but the tracks also hold up on their own, so we have no reservations recommending it to all music fans.

GRIS Piano Collections is available from the Materia Store as well as the following Storefronts. Also, be sure to follow Materia Collective on Twitter to stay updated on their releases.

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