The Phantom Bundle By Bundle Stars

With a 96% saving for seven Steam titles, all with a spooky theme this bundle is a no brainer. The fact that half of these titles have never been bundled before makes for an even sweeter deal.

Rhiannon: Curse of the Four Branches

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It is not every day that games use ancient Welsh myths and legends as a basis for a story, which makes Rhiannon : Curse of the Four Branches a rather unique title. The game is a point & click adventure that takes place on an eerie Welsh farmstead. You play as a character asked to look after this remote location when the family living there decide to take their daughter on a holiday. Apparently the girl is quite certain that everything is not right about the farmstead and it doesn’t take long to discover that she is right. The game plays out in similar fashion to Myst, so you navigate around the farmstead using your mouse while viewing everything from a first person perspective. Having to click between screens to move around can be a little confusing, but this digital deluxe edition of the game includes an interactive map and improved navigation. This is an older title, so the visuals really show their age, but the audio still holds up very well. It has only appeared in one other bundle, so if you missed out and enjoy challenging adventure games with interesting storylines you’ll want to grab this bundle.


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The second title in this bundle is another point & click adventure, but this one opts for a more traditional 3rd person camera view. You play as a character named Mary who lost her little sister in a train crash. Certain that her sister is still alive Mary embarks on an adventure where she bumps into crazy cast of characters, most of them supernatural. The game features a range of unique locations such as Scotland, Transylvania and London where you’ll interact with more than 30 other characters. The game uses beautiful 3D visuals with well animated characters who are brought to life through some very good voice acting. The initial release of the game had some issues with launching correctly, but this has long since been fixed. This is the first time that Haunted has appeared in any type of bundle and since it normally sells for $14.99 this is a great opportunity to try out this charming title.

Shadows: Price For Our Sins

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Shadows: Price For Our Sins Bonus Edition is the first hidden object style point & click adventure in this bundle, but unfortunately also one of the low points. The setting for this game is a Halloween party at an abandoned old farm house, which goes horribly wrong when a demonic force shows up. With the souls of your friends imprisoned it is up to you to rescue them by solving puzzles and finding hidden objects. The visuals in Shadows, especially the cut-scenes, are not very good considering the game came out in 2013 and isn’t even that old. The voice acting is also not up to par and the story is equally lacking. If you are a fan of the genre you might enjoy this title, but it is certainly not the best introduction to hidden object games if you are a newcomer. While not terrible, there are better examples of the genre available. As far as the “Bonus Edition” content is concerned it adds up to some wallpapers and the soundtrack. Still, this is the first time that the game has been bundled, so this is as good a time as any to check it out for cheap.

Small Town Terrors Pilgrim’s Hook CE

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Small Town Terrors Pilgrim’s Hook Collector’s Edition is the second hidden object style point & click adventure included in this bundle, but is a much better example of the genre than Shadows. The visuals are much sharper and the storyline is also a lot more gripping than Shadows. The story features a young woman who returns to her childhood home of Pilgrim’s Hook after a distressing phone call from her brother. Something is very wrong with the island and you might be the only one that can stop the evil that is slowly corrupting everything it touches. The game mixes puzzles solving with hidden object scenes and there is actually plenty of bonus content to justify the “Collector’s Edition” in the title. This is another game that has never been bundled before which makes this a great deal considering it normally retails for $14.99 on Steam.

House of 1,000 Doors – Family Secrets

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House of 1,000 Doors – Family Secrets is yet another hidden object style point & click adventure, but thankfully it is also quite a good one. Playing as struggling writer, Kate Reed, you must help lost souls that cannot move on. Set inside a spooky house that appears at location around the world, Kate must explore supernatural locations and solve puzzles while uncovering secrets. The game features some stylish visuals and a pretty interesting storyline. This Steam release of the game not only includes an integrated strategy guide and additional plot lines, but also features Steam trading card support. The game has a range of difficulty settings, but playing on the hardest is highly recommended for veterans. House of 1,000 Doors – Family Secrets is yet another title that has never been bundled before and it normally sells for $9.99 on Steam.

Doorways: Chapters 1 & 2

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After being bundled no less than five times and featuring in a bundle from pretty much every major bundle site chances are good that almost everyone has this title in their Steam library. With its story which centers around hunting down serial killers the game does fit into the theme of this bundle rather nicely though. The third chapter of the series has also been released recently, so if by some chance you have managed to miss out in the first two titles this is a great opportunity to check them out for cheap. Unlike the other titles in this bundle, Doorways is played in a more tradition first person mode where you can walk around the environments freely while solving puzzles. It’s not an action packed title though and the dark visuals aren’t going to appeal to everyone, but the Oculus Rift support is definitely a plus.

Them – The Summoning

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Last up is Them – The Summoning, which is the final hidden object adventure in this bundle. The game challenges you to solve the mystery of a killer who managed to frame you for two mysterious deaths. The only way to prove your innocence is to find the real killer and luckily you have a ghostly friend to help you do just that. Unlike the other hidden object games in this bundle Them – The Summoning doesn’t really have any puzzle solving scenes to provide a bit of variety. Instead, you move from one screen to the next finding lists of obscure objects. Some people will enjoy this, but it does become rather repetitive despite the short duration of the game. It also doesn’t help that the game ends on a cliffhanger which hints at a sequel that never arrived. Them – The Summing has been included in one other bundle to date and usually sells for $6.99 on Steam.

If you are a fan of point & click adventures, especially ones of the hidden object finding variety, you’ll love what the Phantom Bundle has to offer. Most of these titles are bundle newcomers and while not all the games are good there are definitely a few gems. Time is running out though, so head over to the official Bundle Stars website to buy yourself a copy.


  1. MurphyA November 18, 2014

    Got it for Haunted, great little game.

  2. radraider November 18, 2014

    Good price – nice games

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