Game Artist Loses Everything In Fire – Sekai Project Arranges English-language Fund-raiser

Game Artist Loses Everything In Fire – Sekai Project Arranges English-language Fund-raiser

We just got word from Sekai Project about a tragedy experienced by Tsukinon, a Japanese illustrator. Tsukinon is known his work with Hiyoko-soft and more recently doing the artwork for Kanotsuku, an upcoming game by game developer La’cryma. Unfortunately, a large fire devastated his home on April 25th, 2015 and left him with only the clothes he was wearing at the time, his work bag, bicycle and cellphone.

La’cryma immediately started a fund-raising project in support of Tsukinon in order to help him recover. In order to reach a global audience Sekai Project offered La’cryma their assistance by starting an English-language campaign. Except for some of the top tier items, the English campaign offers the same rewards as the Japanese one. Supporters have until Jun 29th, 2015 in order to help with this campaign and 90% of the funds will go directly to the artist while the remaining 10% will cover shipping as well as payment processing cost. If the shipping cost exceeds the 10% Sekai Project has announced that they will absorb the loss themselves.

For more information about Tsukinon and his work, visit the crowdfunding page, which also features a full FAQ and full translation of the Japanese campaign text. We’ve included a few photos below to highlight how devastating the blaze was and there are more shown on the crowdfunding page as well.


  1. Sameasu May 31, 2015

    Im also an artist and I can even begin to imagine losing all my work in a fire like that. Good on Sekai Project for doing this if I had any money to spare I would have chipped in. I really hope Tsukinon is able to get back on his feet.

  2. Snuffles-2097 May 31, 2015

    Well my respect for SP just went up a couple of notches.

  3. Suciparas June 1, 2015

    This is obviously nice publicity for sekai but im glad some good is coming out of it as well. Making a living as an artist is hard enough without losing everyting in a fire as well.

  4. Gucojowo June 1, 2015

    Waiting for Sakura Fantasy Chapter review 😀

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