Sekai Project Otakon 2015 News Roundup

Sekai Project Otakon 2015 News Roundup

We were hoping that Sekai Project had some more good news to announce after all the impressive announcements at Anime Expo and thankfully they did not disappoint. They not only announced five new visual novels, but are also dipping their toes into the world of Manga publishing.

They are kicking things off with GATE, which follows the story of a JSDF soldier that ends up in a world filled with knights, elves and dragons along with his team. It will be similar to its anime counterpart airing on and the story is written by Takumi Yanai, while the illustrations are handled by Satoru Sao.

Sekai Project revealed that the unrated version of “The Fruit of Grisaia” will soon be available as a digital download on Depasoft’s website as it has finished QA. Another title that has finished QA testing is Idol Magical Girl Chiru Chiru Michiru from Frontwing and it will be available very soon. G-senjou no Maou – The Devil on G-String, which was revealed at Anime Expo is currently in QA testing ahead of its Steam release sometime this summer.

Tenshin Ranman

Sekai Project announced that they will be releasing Tenshin Ranman soon, which means English fans can finally follow the adventures of the very unlucky Haruki Chitose. Constant bad luck has become a normal part of life for Haruki, thanks to all the lost wallets, biking accidents and hassles he continually experiences. However, his life becomes a whole lot more complicated when a mysterious package arrives on his doorstep. The package is simply labeled “living creature” and contains a girl, but will she remove his misfortune or contribute to it? Check out the trailer below to see more of this wacky title.

Nenokami: The Two Princess Knights of Kyoto

Also announced by Sekai Project is Nenokami: The Two Princess Knights of Kyoto by developer Kuro Irodoru Yomiji. In this game peculiar events, such as a strange earthquake in Kyoto’s norther district, numerous sightings of “oni”-like beings and abnormal behavior by “paganist” cultists are reported all over Japan. However, people soon forget about these events and return to the mundane reality of everyday life.

One high school student, Ren, doesn’t have that luxury though. After a run-in with a childhood friend she is told that she will have to abandon her town and life in order to face the true reality of the world. We don’t know much more about this title as it is not even out in Japan yet, but judging by the trailer below it certainly looks like it will be very good.

Witch Boy Magical Piece

Witch Boy Magical Piece is another title starring an “average high school student,” but there is nothing average about its plot. Earth is powerless the resist the onslaught of mysterious organisms called “Creatures” until the government figured out how to develop magic.

This was accomplished by reverse engineering the Creatures technology, but there is a bit of a catch. Students with an aptitude for magic are forced to transform into beautiful witches to fight the powerful creatures. However, the hero of the story, Sakurai Hinata, as well as four others with similar talents are boys! Witch Boy Magical Piece is a “Boy’s Love (BL) game and looks like it could be a good introduction to the genre for players not familiar with these type of games.

fault milestone two side: above

Fans eagerly awaiting the release of fault milestone two side:above will be happy to hear that it is coming to Steam in September. The game continues right after the events of the first game, but will improve on the reading experience with a brand new 3D camera system. Check out the rather dramatic trailer below for a quick preview of what to expect. Anyone yet to experience this captivating story by Alice in Dissonance should check out our review and get their hands on the first part in preparation. The DEMO is also already available on Steam.


Last up is an announcement that is sure to bring a smile to all fans of NEKOPARA Vol. 1. Sekai Project officially announced what everyone was already hoping for, that they will be releasing NEKOPARA Volume 0. Volume 0 is a fan disc to the popular cat-girl themed visual novel and serves as a prequel to the events of the Volume 01. It will feature the whole gang of cat-girls, including Chocola and Vanilla as they go through a typical day at home in the Minaduki household. Anyone unfamiliar with NEKOPARA should check out our REVIEW of Volume 01.

It certainly sounds like Sekai Project is going to have their hands full with all these releases, but so far they have been doing a great job localizing titles for the English market. In a final bit of news at Otakon, they also announced that Root Double-Before Crime * After Days- Xtend Edition will be coming to Steam and that a Kickstarter is being planned, so follow them on Twitter to stay in the loop.

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