Design A Hat For A Chance To Become A SteamWorld Ambassador

Design A Hat For A Chance To Become A SteamWorld Ambassador

Itching to get your hands on the upcoming Steamworld Heist before anyone else? Well then the “SteamWorld Ambassador Challenge” is definitely something that you should be paying attention to. The challenge is an ongoing event by Image & Form Games and a new challenge is posted every Tuesday on their blog. Winning a challenge nets you the coveted SteamWorld Ambassador title and means that you get to be one of the first in the world to play SteamWorld Heist before its official release date in Fall 2015.

The first challenge required fans to name a weapon that will appear in the game, but this time some artistic skills are required. For the second challenge fans must design a hat for the game. Apparently steambots are crazy about hats and there will be a bunch of them appearing in the game as collectibles. According to Image & Form a quick sketch will be sufficient for the challenge, but judging by the entries already up the fans are pulling out all the stops. For more information about the challenge or to check out what you are up against head over to the Image & Form Games blog.

Check out the screenshots and video below to see what you can expect from the game and to get some inspiration for your hat design. You can also watch the YouTube video for an explanation of the rules of the challenge and don’t forget to follow the developers on Twitter.

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