Zoink offers gamers a weekly chance to become a ZEO

Zoink offers gamers a weekly chance to become a ZEO

Stick It To The Man developer, Zoink, are hard at work on their next release, Zombie Vikings. However, they are not too busy to show their fans some love and just launched a new contest to get gamers involved in the process. Every week, up until the launch of the game, gamers stand a chance to become a Zoink Executive Official, or ZEO for short.

The biggest perk to being a ZEO is the opportunity to star in Zombie Vikings. According to the developers, they will actually add your likeness to the game where you get to be an extra. Anyone who has played Stick It To The Man will know how talented the artists over at Zoink are, so this is definitely a very cool perk. Winners will also get a cool concept sketch of their Zombie Viking character along with concept art and a t-shirt. Of course, Zoink is also throwing in a copy of the game, which you can access before the official release. They are even throwing in some extra game keys so you can take on your friends in multiplayer. In addition, you’ll get access to a private forum where the devs hang out, so you can chat to them and find out all kinds of exclusive news about the game and their upcoming projects. Last, but not least, is a golden ticket to the Zombie Vikings release party for winners who live close enough to attend.

This is definitely a haul that any Viking would be happy to pillage! The challenge kicks off with a weapon creating contest, with the winning entries also getting added to the game. Check out the video below for the full lowdown and then check out the Zoink blog to check out the competition. We glanced at some of the imaginative entries already posted and people are definitely rising to the challenge. The first round ends on Sunday, July 5, so there’s still some time to show or tell the world what your ultimate Viking weapon would be. Don’t forget to give Zoink a follow on Facebook and Twitter as well to stay up to date about the upcoming competitions.

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