The FPS Redux Bundle by Bundle Stars

Fans of the first person shooter games will have a lot to like about this action packed bundle. It features ten titles that serve as a good example of how diverse the genre can be and also packs quite a few games that have never been bundled before. With a saving of 96% off the normal retail price for these titles this is a great way to build up an instant first person shooter collection for your Steam library.

S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Clear Sky

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S.T.A.L.K.E.R: Clear Sky is a prequel to the original game which makes it a good starting point for the series. The game takes place in the “Zone” which is the area surrounding the devastated Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant. When a group of stalkers reach the power plant for the first time they inadvertently trigger a blast of energy that transforms the entire zone. In Clear Sky you play as a lone stalker who is caught in the blast and wake up in the middle of a faction war that is taking place. The emphasis of Clear Sky is more on action but there is still plenty of tense encounters. We awarded the game 8/10 back in 2010 (check our review HERE)  and it still holds up today as a great title. The game would usually set you back $9.99 and this is only the second time that it has been bundled.

Depth Hunter 2: Deep Dive

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Travel to exotic locations and hunt fish using the ancient method of breath-holding spearfishing. Depth Hunter 2 is quite a relaxing game that allows you to swim around collecting treasure and shooting fish in order to unlock new upgrades. The game features three locations and a total of twenty five different missions to tackle. Apart from the mechanical harpoon used for catching fish your character is also equipped with a camera for taking photos. While the gameplay veers more towards the arcade spectrum than realism you do have to keep an eye on your oxygen levels to keep from drowning. There are some hostile sea life to avoid, but overall the game doesn’t require quick reflexes which might make it feel boring to players looking for an action packed experience. The nice visuals and relaxed atmosphere makes it worth checking out though. The usual price for the game is $14.99 and this is its first bundle appearance.

Dark Raid

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Unfortunately, not every bundled game can be a winner and Dark Reid is one of the low points in this bundle. The game promises old-school first person shooter game styles mixed with new generation visuals, but falls rather short of this goal. Set aboard a research ship in deep space you play as a robotic engineer tasked with stopping the sinister enemies invading the vessel. However, thanks to the fluctuation difficulty, limited enemies and repetitive level design it takes a lot of patience to play. The game also features a multi-player mode, but due to the lack of players it doesn’t have much to offer. The normal price for the game is $19.99 and this is the first time that it has been bundled making this the best option for checking out the game for yourself.


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Epigenesis is another take on futuristic sport and features two teams trying to take control of a ball to score goals while leaping across suspended platforms. Players are armed with gravity cannons which can be used to push opponents off the platforms. Apart from scoring goals players can also plant seeds on platforms to “capture” them. The rules are rather straightforward which makes it easy to get into the game, but like many games with a heavy focus on online multi-player it can be tricky to find matches. The game can be played in single player against bots, but obviously works best when the 5-on-5 matches are filled with real players. Epigenesis would usually set you back $9.99 and this is the third time that it is bundled.

Lovely Planet

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Lovely Planet is what happens when you combine speedrunning, first person shooting, pastel colored visuals and an upbeat soundtrack in one charming game. It features hundreds of levels where your goal is to shoot all enemies and reach the exit as quickly as possible. Levels are short enough to be completed in seconds, but requires quick reflexes to master. Levels become more complex as the game progresses and there are also plenty of enemies as well as obstacles standing between you and the exit. If you are looking for an adrenaline fueled first person shooter without the associated blood and drama then Lovely Planet might be just the thing you need. Ordinarily Lovely Planet would set you back $5.99 on Steam and this is the first time that it has been bundled.

Dead Effect

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Dead Effect is the first and only Early Access title in this bundle. The game follows the familiar narrative of a crew member aboard a spaceship awakening from cryogenic sleep only to find the place overrun with hostiles. In this case it is flesh eating zombies that attack on sight. Although originally an Android title, this PC version offers more than just a straight port. You’ll face off against a large amount of infected enemies with upgradable weapons and the visuals have also been spruced up with better textures and real-time shadows. The game isn’t shy about flinging blood everywhere either. This is only the second bundle to feature Dead Effect which normally retails for $4.99 on Steam.

3089 — Futuristic Action RPG

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With the sequel, 4089 currently doing the rounds on Kickstarter, now is as good a time as any to check out 3089. The game is, in its own words, a futuristic, procedurally generated, open-world action role-playing game. This means that everything that you encounter in the game, from the terrain to the weapons and quests are uniquely generated. The game takes place on the planet Xax and drops you in the role of a robotic android. The game has a single player story mode as well as 2-player co-op. Gameplay is a mix of stealth and melee or projectile weapons depending on what class of android you select. The game has a ton of equipment and while viewed in first person mode it is far from a straightforward shooter. You can employ stealth tactics or even hop in a vehicle if you have the required skill levels. You can even employ other friendly robots to help you out. While the visuals are pretty basic this game definitely has the potential to suck you in. It normally sells for $9.99 and this is the first time that it has been bundled.

Iron Storm

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Iron Storm is another older title, dating back to 2002, which has been thrown into the mix. It is set in an alternate timeline where World War 1 never ended and is still raging on in the 1960s. You play as a character named Lieutenant James Anderson who is tasked with infiltrating and destroying facilities deep behind enemy lines. Although the game supports modern resolutions the visuals still show their age with low resolution textures and awkward animations. The gameplay, which involves a mixture of shooting and stealth also tends to veer dangerously into frustrating territory. While the game shows plenty of imagination it is let down by the level design and frustrating elements. The game can be played in either third or first person views and is definitely a love it or hate it type of title. This is the third time that it has appeared in a bundle and it normally sells for $7.99.



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The Steam store page might list the release date of Chrome as 2010, but it actually came out way back in 2003. This obviously means that the visuals are looking a bit rougher than what modern gamers are used to. Story wise the game casts you in the role of a fugitive bounty hunter named Logan. The game features an extensive selection of land, sea and air based vehicles as well as some nice weapons. You can also augment your character with special implants which is needed as the game can become quite hard. Although its age definitely counts against it, Chrome can still be an entertaining title to players who prefer old school shooters. This is the fifth time that Chrome is bundled and it normally retails for $4.99 on Steam.


Chrome – SpecForce

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Rounding off the bundle is Chrome – SpecForce, a prequel to the original game and another aging title dating back to 2005. The game is more of a standalone expansion pack and tells the story of the characters from the original game back when they were part of the military special forces. The game gives you control of a power armor system and a range of vehicles to take on your enemies. As it uses the same engine as the original game the visuals are still pretty dated at this point, but it does feature the same old school style action. The game also feels a bit easier than the original title and unlike Chrome this is only its second bundle appearance. The normal retail price for Chrome – SpecForce is $4.99.


Although a few of the titles, such as Chrome and Iron Storm, are not only dated, but also regulars on the bundle scene this collection still has plenty to offer. It will obviously have limited appeal to players not interested in the genre, but everyone else should be able to find at least one game in the bundle that makes it worth the low price. Time is running out though, so anyone interested in this bundle should head over to the official Bundle Stars website right away to grab a copy.

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