Plunging Back Into The Depths

Plunging Back Into The Depths

Anyone that checked out our Early Access preview for From The Depths by Brilliant Skies Ltd will already know how impressed we were by this title. Barely a month has passed since then, but already the developers have updated the game with substantial changes.

Although From The Depths features a powerful control scheme that really allows you to unleash your creativity, it can take a while before it feels intuitive. This has prompted the developers to implementing a building control system that will feel a bit more familiar to newer players. The original control system is still the best, but now new players can mess around with the game and learn the ropes without getting frustrated with the controls. Once they discover the limitations they can switch to the original control scheme and work with greater precision. Check out the options menu of the game to see all the improvements made to the control scheme.

Other new features include a “knowledge base” to familiarize yourself with the game via video links, the building guide, forums and more. The basic multi-player mode can now also be played thanks to the developers ironing out the connectivity issues. Weapon fanatics will be happy to hear about the addition of weaponised lasers that can be customized to your heart’s content.

The full list of changes is too large to include here, and at the fierce rate that the developers are working, might be obsolete by the time this is published, so head over to the Announcements page on Steam for the full lowdown.

The developers have promised to continue adding content to the campaign mode of the game as well as more built-in vehicles and the co-op multiplayer creative mode. We have also heard talk of ride-able sea monsters in the pipeline!

To keep up to date with all the new developments we suggest you check out the From The Depths Newsletter. The first issue was sent out recently and contains some nice insights about the game and where it is heading. Thanks to the funding from Early Access buyers, a professional artist has been brought in to work on the project and it only takes one look at his online portfolio to see that we can expect some nice visual improvements in the future. Don’t forget to check out the Steam Workshop for the game either in case you need a little inspiration or want to see what players have been able to achieve.


  1. Rhaps December 2, 2014

    Thanks for the great review! I notice however that your Early Access preview ( is offline. I’d like to link to that article from the FTD homepage, is there any chance you could bring it back online? 🙂

    • GAMERamble December 2, 2014

      Sure thing! Sorry about that, we shifted the entire site to a new host and CMS which means that all the old content has to be converted manually. The older reviews are still up in their original format, but unfortunately the Early Access previews were previously published in a blog format that went offline after the shift. I thought that we managed to convert all the Early Access titles, but it seems that this one slipped through the cracks. Thanks for bringing it to our attention I will try to get it converted and up asap.

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