AFK Arena Advert Features Elijah Wood and A Jilted Orc

AFK Arena Advert Features Elijah Wood and A Jilted Orc

We’ve just seen Elijah Wood reduce a 7ft Orc named Uzgahk to tears and surprisingly it has nothing to do with Lord of the Rings. Instead, the Orc in question is feeling rejected after discovering that Elijah has grown bored with his old RPG and is spending his time with AFK Arena instead. This is all part of the new “Cheat on your RPG” TV campaign by Lilith Games, developers of AFK Arena.

The first “Cheat on Your RPG” spot can already be viewed, but the story is far from over as more will be revealed in the coming weeks. The game that Elijah is hooked on, AFK Arena, already has more than six million players and a 1 million strong community on Facebook. In the advert, Elijah is lured in by the depth and strategy of AFK Arena as well as the ability to earn XP and amazing rewards even when not playing. When confronted by Uzgahk, Elijah lamented the 150 hours spent leveling up a loincloth in the RPG that he is cheating on. Not only is this scene funny, anyone who has played one of the grind-heavy mobile RPGs on the market will be able to relate. Apparently, the coming weeks will see Uzgahk trying to win back Elijah’s heart, which should be interesting, to say the least.

While some people might be surprised to see Elijah Wood featured in an advert for a mobile game he is actually a long-time gamer. He has also provided voiceovers for characters such as Spyro the Dragon in the Legend of Spyro series and Shay in Broken Age. According to Wood, playing a version of himself stuck in a love triangle between a needy orc and a casual mobile RPG is not the weirdest thing that’s happened to him this year either!

Check out the first “Cheat on Your RPG” spot below and be sure to head over to Google Play or the App Store to download your own copy of the game for free. To get a little boost in the game new players can also use the in-game code “AFKElijah” to claim 100K gold and 20 Elite Soul Stones. Personally, we are curious to see how things between Elijah and Uzgahk are going to turn out, but playing AFK Arena in the meantime is pretty fun too!

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