Biggest Update So Far Released For SPINTIRES™

Biggest Update So Far Released For SPINTIRES™

Spintires impressed us last year with its big trucks and realistic mud, but long after most developers have moved on to new projects Oovee® Game Studios are still releasing updates. This is great news for fans as the latest update is the biggest one yet. The update, which is free to all owners of the game, includes a host of new trucks as well as animations for the driver behind the wheel of these Soviet workhorses. In addition, the game is also now available as part of the Humble Jumbo Bundle, making it the ideal time to snap it up for a bargain.

The five new trucks introduced to the game are the B-66, B-131, C-4310, D-537 and K-700. The game now also features animations for the driver in all the vehicles, so you can watch him as he turns the steering wheel, change gears, operate the hand-brake and react to all the forces that are affecting the truck. This adds an extra layer of realism to the game as well as some nice visual polish.

Thanks to the update the game also benefits from improvements to the visuals, audio and gameplay. The most significant visual upgrades are the new tire track system, increased mud detalization and various special effects. The developers also remastered the sound of each truck to be completely realistic while also tweaking selected environment audio effects. All the major bugs from the previous builds have also been squashed.

In other good news, the developers have confirmed something that fans have been asking for ages, official mod support for the game. The full Steam Workshop implementation will be made available in a few weeks when another update is released for the game. Thanks to the upcoming truck/mod editor and map editor, players will be able to create a mod directly in the editor before exporting it to the Steam Workshop. While this is all great for existing owners of the game, those who haven’t experienced its muddy charms yet are in luck as well. Spintires is available as part of the Humble Jumbo Bundle and can be grabbed for only $9 along with Divinity: Dragon Commander, Abyss Odyssey, Blackguards 1&2 as well as other games.

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