Improving Your Gameplay Experience

Improving Your Gameplay Experience

As a gamer, you want to have the best gaming experience possible. A slow, glitchy game isn’t fun for anyone and will no doubt harm your gameplay. User experience differs from console to console; however, gaming on a PC can run into different problems than playing on a console.

How can you improve your gaming experience?

System requirements.

There are two different requirements when it comes to PC gaming: the minimum requirements and the recommended ones. Paying at the recommended requirements if your PC is capable of accommodating these will significantly improve your user experience, and you will find it easier to play as well as notice improvised graphics and speed. If this isn’t possible, it may be worth considering upgrading your PC or your graphics card to one that can easily cope with running the game you are playing. After all, where is the fun in purchasing in-game add one such as choosing to buy Runescape gold only to find you are unable to play due to demands on your system?


How old is your monitor? Older monitors could be less equipped to deal with the demands of newer, more high spec games. If the picture is a little bit fuzzy or glitchy, then your money will be well spent investing in a new monitor. Improve your gaming experience with a good quality monitor. You won’t regret it.

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Internet Connection

Your gameplay is only as good as your internet connection. Is this the issue if you have ruled out anything else? The only way around poor internet connections is to choose one of the following options.

  • Use an ethernet cable over a wireless connection.
  • Upgrade to the best internet service you afford/is available.
  • Move your PC closer to your router.
  • Consider a WiFi booster to help you get a better

SSD Drive

If your PC gaming experience is slow, it may be worth your while investing in an SSD drive. An SSD drive can typically hold more storage than your computer hard drive, meaning you will be able to store more of your games or any add ons.

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New Keyboard

Buying a new keyboard will potentially be one of the last things you consider when it comes to a poor gaming experience. However, not all keyboards are made equally, and when it comes to better gameplay, it may be worth investing in a keyboard that is more suited to gamers as opposed to general usage.
Consider getting a keyboard with extra programmable keys so you can program in shortcuts for faster access to functions during gameplay.

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Defrag Your Computer

When files are stored and then deleted from our computer, they can become fragmented. Your system will struggle to find the data it needs and will run slower as it is working harder to perform simple tasks. Run a defragging procedure on our computer. This will clear out all unused and dispersed files enabling your computer to run faster for better gameplay experience.

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