Let’s Unlock The Future Of Gaming

Let’s Unlock The Future Of Gaming

Recently, we explored the future of gaming with a focus on cloud servers. However, it’s fair to say that there’s more to the future of this industry than just the cloud. Let’s explore some of the key possibilities that you definitely should be prepared for.

More DLCs Not Less

Some gamers hate DLCs and that is totally understandable. However, those hoping that DLCs will vanish are in for a rough surprise as that’s not what the trends suggest. Instead, what you’ll likely see are games that are constantly evolving overtime. Square Enix took a swing and arguably a miss at this concept with Marvel’s Avengers. However, gamers should expect this to become the norm which isn’t a bad thing. Done right, it will mean games continue to improve long after they hit the market. 

Goodbye Physical Media

This isn’t just true for gaming. It’s true for everything. There’s now only one factory left in the good old US producing Blu-Ray DVDs. While that might seem crazy to some people who love physical media, it’s just the direction the market is headed. Over the next few years, it’s going to be clear that physical media is obsolete and a definite relic of the past. Just look at the PS5 launch. Sony decided to produce a version of their new console without a disc drive and arguably focused production more on this version. You can look at this two ways. Either they thought there was more demand for a digital option or they wanted to create more demand for this possibility. 

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Hello Subscriptions 

So, if physical media will soon be gone, what’s going to replace it? Well, the answer is definitely going to be subscription services and this is already starting to happen with Xbox Game Pass. With gamepass you can access all the titles that you want on a subscription service. Microsoft is making a big push with this and is clearly seeing it as the gaming equivalent of Netflix. There’s rumours that both Sony and Nintendo will follow suit with similar ideas too. You can even access subscriptions for mobile games too through services like PlayEdge. With this option, it’s possible to access all the games you want at a discounted price. 


Did you think VR was down for the count? Not so vast, this concept has far too much potential to be ignored by the market completely. Instead, we should expect to see VR come back with a bang either this year or next. A lot of people have complained about VR lacking scope. The good news is that is going to change and there are already impressive patents right now that suggest big developments for the future. 

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We hope this helps you understand some of the key changes that are going to come to the gaming industry over the next few years. This certainly paints a completely different picture for gamers but it’s definitely not all bad news. Some of these options could even make gaming more accessible for more people.

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