Bad Piggies Celebrates 100 Million Downloads

Bad Piggies Celebrates 100 Million Downloads

After releasing the immensely popular Angry Birds series it would have been easy for Rovio to simply stick to this winning formula while resting on their laurels. Thankfully this was not the case and they released Bad Piggies back in 2012. This charming puzzle title quickly flew to the top of the mobile charts and according to Rovio the game has now reached the incredible milestone of over 100 million downloads!

This is certainly an accomplishment worth celebrating and to mark the occasion Rovio is releasing a brand new update. Included is a huge sandbox level, titled Little Pig Adventure, and most exciting of all, a brand new part in the form of the gearbox. By using the gearbox in their contraptions players will now finally be able to travel in reverse.

Players will have a great opportunity to try out this new part in the Little Pig Adventure sandbox level. This level features a huge area for players to navigate, complete with slippery icy surfaces as well as new achievements.

Bad Piggies is available from Google Play, Apple App Store as well as the Amazon Appstore. You can also check out the complete collection of Angry Birds and Rovio Stars games at the Angry Birds Official Showroom or give Rovio a follow on Twitter.

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  1. Minxter February 26, 2015

    100 000 000!!!?

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