Win Real World Prizes By Playing Birdcage On iOS

Win Real World Prizes By Playing Birdcage On iOS

While we love the fact that mobile games these days can be just as immersive as their console or computer counterparts, there are still times when all we want is something to play in a quick blast. Bird Cage, which can be grabbed for free from the iTunes App Store, definitely falls into this category. It is a fast-paced and challenging game which, in addition to being quite entertaining, actually gives you a chance to win real world prizes.

The goal of Bird Cage is very straightforward – flocks of birds flap across your screen and it is your job to capture them all in birdcages. The twist is that you have to match the color of the birds with that of the cages, so you not only have to be quick, but accurate as well. It only takes one mistake to lose, but the game is addictive enough that you will want to jump right back in for another try.

Bird Cage features four challenging levels as well as the option to try your hand at the endless mode. To keep things varied you will face new obstacles as the game progresses, such as the cages swinging and swaying in the wind, birds changing their color, along with the birds increasing their numbers and speed. It is worth giving it your best shot though, as not only does the game feature a global leaderboard, but you can also win some great prizes if you do well. For example, capture 300 birds in level 4 or 1,000 birds in the endless level and you could be the owner of an iPhone 7, which is just one of the prizes up for grabs.

With its bright, cartoon visuals and simple controls, Bird Cage is suitable for players of all ages. So don’t miss out and head on over to the App Store right away to try out the game for yourself. Don’t forget to visit the official website for more information as well. Who knows, you might even walk away with a prize if you are good enough.

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