Ziggurat Bringing Data East Classics To PC

Ziggurat Bringing Data East Classics To PC

Although they are sadly no more, Data East Corporation was responsible for a lot of great arcade titles during the eighties and nineties. Most of their hefty catalog was acquired by the Japanese mobile game content provider, G-Mode, but now thanks to the efforts of Ziggurat some of these classics are finally coming to PC.

Ziggurat Interactive announced that they have collaborated with 612GAMES to obtain the PC publishing rights from G-Mode for fifteen of the classic Data East arcade titles. Players can look forward to the first wave of these titles launching March 3, on Steam, GOG.com, as well as the Humble Bundle store.

The first eight titles to be released will include Joe & Mac – Caveman Ninja, Super BurgerTime, Heavy Barrel, SRD: Super Real Darwin, Express Raider, Two Crude, Bad Dudes, as well as Gate of Doom. Where applicable, these titles will allow players to play alongside a friend in two-player mode and the games can be played with original rendering or a CRT-style filter for extra authenticity.

Joe & Mac – Caveman Ninja

Grab your boomerang and bone club and get ready to go on a wild, prehistoric adventure with the cavemen ninjas, Joe & Mac! Help the daring duo make their way through platform-style levels as they fight against dinosaurs and rival cavemen in a quest to rescue the cavewoman of their tribe. [Steam / GOG / Humble Store]

Super BurgerTime

Don the chef’s apron and poofy hat of Peter Pepper Jr. — son of Peter Pepper, the main character of the original BurgerTime — and navigate platforms while stacking burger ingredients! But watch out for Mr. Hot Dog, Mr. Egg, and the incredibly dangerous Mr. Pickle! Let’s hope your arsenal of spatulas, frying pans, and pepper shakers are enough to defeat the dedicated diner denizens in their quest to stop you from delivering delicious delights! [Steam / GOG / Humble Store]

Heavy Barrel

Let loose with grenades and gunfire as you fight your way into an underground nuclear complex, currently held by evil terrorists! Your mission is to collect all six pieces of the superweapon known as Heavy Barrel and use it to defeat this terrorist threat. [Steam / GOG / Humble Store]

SRD: Super Real Darwin

The evil aliens of Cokyo are attacking your people, the Lakya, and it’s up to you to stop them! Jump behind the controls of an advanced combat fighter and take down the enemy in this thrilling vertical scrolling shooter. This is no ordinary fighter, though,  it can change forms to suit any threat and deal more damage, move more quickly, or soak up enemy attacks like a sponge. [Steam / GOG / Humble Store]

Express Raider

Robbing banks, shootouts on horse-back, and roof-top fights, Express Raider will put your reflexes and speed to the test as you work to beat each level in the allotted time. Race against the clock to rob the fastest express in the West and secure the payday that will set you up for good! [Steam / GOG / Humble Store]

Two Crude

Play as the most merciless of mercenaries, hired by the American government to stop the terrorist organization “Big Valley”. Venture into the wasteland of an irradiated New York where you must dip, dodge, duck, and demolish mutants and gangsters in this action-packed side-scrolling brawler. [Steam / GOG / Humble Store]

Bad Dudes

Are you bad enough to battle the evil ninjas who have kidnapped President Ronnie? The Secret Service has recruited two street-smart brawlers, the Bad Dudes, for a dangerous rescue mission. As Blade or Striker, it is up to you to pursue the ninja threat through alleys, underground tunnels, and even on top of moving semi-trucks. [Steam / GOG / Humble Store]

Gate Of Doom

Explore a fantastic magical world in this classic multiplayer action RPG for one to two players. Take control of one of the four heroes of prophecy, each with their own special abilities, and battle the demons of darkness that have begun to pour from the Gate of Doom. Only you can secure the magic items needed to seal the gate forever. [Steam / GOG / Humble Store]

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