METAGAME Soundtrack Now Available

METAGAME Soundtrack Now Available

Scarlet Moon Records has recently released the original soundtrack to METAGAME by composers Garrett Williamson, Jesse Beauchamp, Melo, and LORD DINOSAUR. The soundtrack is absolutely packed with great tunes used for the eight-party Super Smash Bros. Melee documentary series. METAGAME chronicles the journey of five Super Smash Bros. Melee players and their efforts to become the world champion. In turn, the soundtrack captures the nostalgia of the documentary and features both orchestral and electronic sounds for its game-flavored tunes.

In addition to the music in the documentary, the soundtrack also features a couple of unused pieces that didn’t make the final cut. According to METAGAME lead composer Garrett Williamson, he was a huge fan of the 2013 documentary The Smash Brothers. So when he learned that creator and producer, Travis Beauchamp, was beginning production on the follow-up, Williamson knew it was his in. He collaborated with Beauchamp from the beginning, and they worked in tandem to ensure that the music matches the editing. Since the documentary took many drastic turns over the course of six years, it resulted in the music doing so too. Williamson stated that he is beyond proud of what Travis created and incredibly honored to have been part of such an awesome project.

For anyone yet to watch METAGAME, it is the follow-up to the successful 2013 documentary, The Smash Brothers. METAGAME premiered on Twitch last year in December and is currently available on Vimeo. Check out the official website or follow METAGAME on Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube. The original soundtrack is available on all storefronts, so check out Bandcamp, Spotify, or Apple music if you are a fan of good music. The soundtrack features more than 90 minutes of quality music spread across 38 songs, so if you are a fan of METAGAME, it’s well worth a listen.

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