Sekai Project Gearing Up For The Release of CLANNAD

Sekai Project Gearing Up For The Release of CLANNAD

The good news for fans of visual novels just keeps on coming with Sekai Project today unveiling the release date of CLANNAD. This much anticipated title had a very successful Kickstarter campaign just over 10 months ago that brought in $541,161 from 5,819 backers. Fans can mark Monday, November 23 on their calendars as this is the day that CLANNAD will be released on Steam for Windows-based PCs.

The Steam store page for CLANNAD is already up, so fans can add the game to their Steam Wishlist. The game is perhaps one of the best known visual novels in the world and follows the story of Tomoyo Okazaki, a student of Hikarizaka Private High School. Okazaki is left in the care of his abusive, alcoholic father after losing his mother in an accident and ends up an emotionally-distant delinquent student. His life changes when he meets Nagisa Furukawa, a strange young girl who is repeating the year due to a severe illness. She manages to enlist Okazaki’s aid in reviving the school’s drama club, causing him to befriend other students and learning about their problems and challenges.

The Steam release features visuals that have been upgraded to upgraded to 1280×960, the Dangopedia reference tool for understanding aspects of Japanese traditional and pop culture, as well as Steam achievements. Check out the translated intro video for CLANNAD below and don’t forget to give Sekai Project a follow on Twitter for more info about their upcoming releases.

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