The Shockwave Bundle By Bundle Stars

Bundle Stars deliver once again with a great bundle at a great price. All but two of the ten games in the bundle appeared in other bundles already, but anyone who missed out will find it hard to argue with the 96% saving offered here. Drakensang and Smugglers 5: Invasion will more than likely keep players busy the longest, but overall there is something for everyone in this bundle.

Frozen Synapse Prime (Double Pack)

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Kicking off this bundle is the tactical experience, Frozen Synapse Prime. Making its second ever bundle appearance, this is an enhanced version of the original Frozen Synapse. The game places you in charge of a group of soldiers and challenges you to defeat your enemies in turn-based combat. You have full control over the paths and tactics of your soldiers and can even test your commands before committing. Don’t bet on it ensuring victory, however, as the enemy isn’t always predictable, especially when playing in multi-player mode. Since the game comes with an extra copy you can gift to a friend you can be sure that you’ll have someone to play against when you tire of the single player campaign.

Drakensang: The River of Time

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Drakensang: The River of Time is the second title in this popular RPG series, but can still be enjoyed by players who never played the original as storywise it is a prequel. Although originally released in 2011 the game also aged quite well and still offers a compelling, not to mention good looking role playing experience. In addition to the gripping storyline the game also features challenging party based combat and numerous quests to complete. As it is based on the Dark Eye system, which features pen and paper rules, the game can be quite punishing, but fans of the genre will relish the challenge. Fans of the original game will also find that The River of Time improves on everything that made it such a hit. This is only the second bundle appearance for the game and we can heartily recommend it to all RPG fans.


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With its intentionally minimalist visual design and challenging gameplay, 140 is a platform title that will delight even veteran players. The primary focus of the game is the awesome soundtrack, which influences everything in the gameworld. This means that you need to pay close attention to the beat as it impacts the obstacles you face. It is a very creative idea and makes for some very interesting boss battles. The game is quite short, but features mirrored levels that pack an even bigger challenge. Completing these can be frustrating, but thankfully the controls are very responsive. 140 featured in a few Humble bundles, but platform fans still missing it in their libraries should definitely rectify the situation with this bundle.

Vertical Drop Heroes HD

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We awarded Vertical Drop Heroes HD a well-deserved 8/10 in our REVIEW and had the following to say: Vertical Drop Heroes HD is simple enough that you can instantly jump in and have fun for a few minutes, but addictive enough to keep you hooked for hours. All the procedural elements keep things interesting and there are tons of skills as well as traits to unlock. The game offers a lot of value for money and will keep you coming back again and again for “just one more go.” We also interviewed the developer behind this addictive title. Vertical Drop Heroes previously appeared in a few Humble bundles, but anyone yet to experience it should definitely grab it from this bundle.

Riptide GP2

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Riptide GP2 is another title that impressed us enough to receive a score of 8/10 in our REVIEW. Riptide GP2 has the feel of an old school arcade racer and it is easy to get sucked into the experience. The game features some good looking tracks and plenty of awesome stunts. Although originally a mobile title, the developers went the extra mile to make it look good on PC and have also removed all micro-transactions. It is quite an addictive title, but suffers a bit from repetition in the later stages of the game. Although the game is no stranger to being bundled, this is a great opportunity for anyone who missed out previously to snag it for cheap.

Lilly Looking Through

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Although frequently bundled, the adorable point and click adventure, Lilly Looking Through, is definitely worth a look. It received an 8/10 in our REVIEW back when it was released and although quite short, it is still a great title for fans of point & click adventures. Lilly Looking Through manages to captivate without being dragged down by some of the more cumbersome aspects of the genre. The beautiful artwork and animations will draw you in while the clever puzzles are a challenge without ever becoming too obscure.

Boson X

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Endless runner games are a dime a dozen these days, but Boson X is one of those titles that refines the formula down to its simplest, most addictive form. All you need to worry about is jumping left, right and forward while running through the shifting layout of a rotating particle accelerator. It features 18 levels to conquer and three different characters to do it with. Visually, the game is rather simple, but this ensures that the focus is squarely on the fast-paced action, where it belongs. Boson X is one of those titles that can instantly be picked up and played, but will keep you coming back for more even after failing repeatedly. The Shockwave bundle marks the third bundle appearance for the game.

Two Digits

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Two Digits provide a math based puzzle experience that is both relaxing and, in later levels, quite challenging. Each level provides you with nine numbers, all less than 100, and you then have to group them into two subsets, As soon as you are able to match the sum of each subset you complete the level and move on to the next. It is a very simple concept, but with 250 puzzles, grouped into 11 level sets, as well as a random mode it does become quite addictive. While the visuals are quite minimalistic, it is the gameplay that counts and Two Digits definitely delivers. This is also the first time ever that the game is available in a bundle.


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Visibility is a challenging platform title where your only goal is to avoid all the obstacles on the single screen levels and reach the exit. Making things considerably more challenging is the fact that the levels are all entirely dark. However, you are given a limited amount of light sources that must be placed strategically around the level in order to illuminate the path to the exit. This means that you don’t only have to navigate the tricky platforms successfully, but also get all the lights in the right place. It is not the easiest of games, so anyone easily frustrated should probably give it a miss, but it is unique enough to warrant a look. This is the second time that Visibility has appeared in a bundle.

Smugglers 5: Invasion

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The final title in this bundle, and a newcomer to the bundle scene, is Smugglers 5: Invasion. Set in a war-torn galaxy, this game provides you with ample opportunity to enrich yourself through trading or space combat. The 2D visuals are nothing to write home about and most of the game is played out via menus, but it is definitely an in-depth and quite addictive title. Despite the depth of the game, it is actually very accessible and the ten minute tutorial features all the information you need to get started. Players familiar with the original game will find that this stand-alone expansion features a new, playable alien race, new alien star systems, new alien ships and squadrons and plenty more. As long as you don’t mind the simple visuals you’ll find hours of gameplay packed away in this game.

Anyone who missed out on previous bundles where these games appeared shouldn’t hesitate to grab the Shockwave Bundle. Its low price means that it is affordable enough, even if the recent Steam Summer Sale left you with an empty wallet. There is less than a week left to buy a copy, so head over to the official Bundle Stars page to avoid missing out.


  1. Borkedglork June 23, 2015

    Drakensang is not available in my region on Steam so this is awesome.

  2. Tumitama83 June 24, 2015

    Still on the fence as im only missing 2 games from the bundle but a good buy for non-compulsive bundle addicts.

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