Technobabylon – A Cyberpunk Adventure Game Now Available For Pre-Order

Technobabylon – A Cyberpunk Adventure Game Now Available For Pre-Order

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Earlier this year we mentioned the upcoming cyberpunk adventure from Wadjet Eye Games and the good news is that the release is almost around the corner. Technobabylon will be available on May 21 2015 and fans can already pre-order their copy of the game. To make the offer a little more enticing the developers are including a whole slew of goodies along with the pre-order.

The pre-order bonuses will an hour long digital soundtrack, a video showing some behind the scenes action of the voiceover recording for the game and a production art gallery. Also included is the Technobabylon Codex which is a PDF booklet offering some more insights into the cyberpunk gameworld as well as an exclusive desktop wallpaper. All of these are pre-order exclusives, so don’t delay if you want to get your hands on them.

With titles such as the Blackwell series and Gemini Rue under their belt there is no doubt that Wadjet Eye Games knows a thing or two about old school point & click adventures. Technobabylon takes place in 2087 and stars three different characters, two CEL agents on the trial of a serial Mindjacker and a net addict who could be the next target. Of course, since it takes place in the future there will also be genetic engineering and an omnipresent AI to contend with along with plenty of conspiracies.

Check out the screenshots and trailer below then head over to the official website to pre-order your copy of the game, which will be available as a DRM-free download or Steam key.

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