West-First Japanese Visual Novel Launching Soon Courtesy Of MangaGamer And Circus

West-First Japanese Visual Novel Launching Soon Courtesy Of MangaGamer And Circus

Thanks to the efforts of companies like MangaGamer, there has never been a better time to be a fan of visual novels. MangaGamer, the world’s first legal download site for English translated visual novels, have been tireless in their efforts to bring these titles to the Western Market. This has resulted in numerous Japanese titles getting translated and exposed to a larger audience and more Japanese developers realizing the potential of selling their products to English audiences. One such developer is Circus, a long time partner of MangaGamer, and creators of the Da Capo and Dal Segno series. However, Circus and MangaGamer are now taking things one step further by partnering for the launch of Space Live. What makes this such a noteworthy event is the fact that Space Live will be a Japanese visual novel that is developed primarily for the Western Market.

Visual novel fans are accustomed to long waits in order to get their hands on translated visual novels, but Space Live will be bucking this trend. According to MangaGamer, this title will be released in English first, showcasing just how important the West has become for Japanese developers of visual novels. The release of Space Live will be extremely important as other companies in Japan will definitely be monitoring its success while evaluating whether or not to make the shift themselves.

The release of Space Live: Advent of Net Idols is just around the corner and it will be available on both MangaGamer as well as Steam from September 29 2017. The game is set more than 200 years in the future, in a world where humanity has chosen a digital, interconnected world called Net Space over reality. This world is split into several different factions, all of them rallying behind different idols who compete against each other every four years in a bid to gain more followers for their side. With idols like Goggle Space’s G Chrome and Ai Space’s Sarifa, the developers clearly had some fun parodying internet browsers. Time will tell whether the humor can live up to this wacky premise, but Circus has yet to disappoint, so we are looking forward to checking out Space Live. After all, how often do you get to see your favorite browser take part in a swimsuit competition!

Space Live – Advent of the Net Idols launches on September 29th, but fans can take advantage of a 10% discount by pre-ordering the game on MangaGamer already. For more information about Space Live and other upcoming visual novels following MangaGamer on Twitter or Facebook.

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