Gun Gun Pixies Is Heading For PC and Nintendo Switch This September

Gun Gun Pixies Is Heading For PC and Nintendo Switch This September

Some more good news for PC and Nintendo Switch owners as PQube and developer Compile Heart has announced that Gun Gun Pixies will be heading for these two platforms this September. The game, which was previously a Playstation Vita exclusive in Japan, is a mix between shooter and platformer starring two tiny girls from outer space.

Players will get to control the tiny girls, called Pixies, as they go about their mission, which is to infiltrate a women’s college dormitory. Their purpose is to study the human behavior of the regular sized girls who are towering over them. Apparently, the information that they gather this way will be useful in overcoming the social issues on their own home planet.

Gameplay in Gun Gun Pixies involves sneaking around the dorm and climbing furniture in order to find non-combat story scenarios. Don’t worry as the Pixies are also armed and can take shots at the human girls to pacify them if required. Large coins can be found hidden around the levels and there are objectives to complete, which in turn rewards players with new weapons, lingerie, gadgets and costumes. It’s a pretty wacky adventure, but promises to be a lot of fun.

Nintendo Switch owners are in for an even bigger treat as they will be able to get their hands on the Day One Edition of Gun Gun Pixies, which comes in a special collector’s box. Also included with this edition is a high quality artbook that is packed with concept drawings, gorgeous key artworks and much more. If you are a manga/anime lover, then this is definitely the edition to get.

Gun Gun Pixies will be released worldwide on September 6th, 2019. Check out the announcement trailer below and give PQube a follow on Twitter, Facebook, Twitch and Instagram or their official website for more information.

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