Love Bakudan by Noodletub Games

Love Bakudan by Noodletub Games


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There has been a bit of a boom lately when it comes to visual novels, but fans of the genre will agree that there’s always room for more, especially yuri ones. That’s why it’s great to see that there are small indie teams like Noodletub that are trying to make great yuri themed games. Noodletub recently launched a Kickstarter for LOVE BAKUDAN an 18+ yuri visual novel that takes place in Japan. The game promises to combine elements of comedy and drama, along with a spicy adult twist on top.

The premise for LOVE BAKUDAN is that you play as a girl named Haruka Mishima who inherits a bookstore after her grandmother passes away. The shop is located back in her hometown of Akiyama, but as Haruka discovers, it’s not an ordinary bookstore. It turns out that not only is it located in Akiyama’s local red-light district, but it also specializes in erotic literature. Taking over Bakudan Books means that Haruka will be meeting both old and new faces as she returns to her hometown. The store is also frequented by gorgeous women dying for their own chance at love, so Haruka could just be the one that they have all been looking for!

According to Noodletub, there are a couple of features that will set LOVE BAKUDAN apart from other visual novels. The game, which will feature three in-depth, fully illustrated romance routes, will also allow players to read the dirty books sold in the shop. These books will apparently range from hilarious to hot as hell and players will unlock the ability to read the story along with Haruka, provided they manage to sell them to customers. Since this is an 18+ title, there will also be steamy scenes between Haruka and the girls.

LOVE BAKUDAN launched with a $4,096 goal and currently, it’s about 60% funded. It’s an all or nothing project, though, so the funding goal has to be reached by March 23, 2020, for the game to become a reality. Pledges begin at about US$ 4 to get your name in the credits as a backer, while about US$ 12 will net you a digital copy of the game upon its release. Of course, there’s some extra incentive for higher pledges, such as the ability to get your own goofy short erotic story in the game, or even get a starring role as a fully illustrated character with your own murder-mystery route. Noodletub has also listed some stretch goals if the project reaches its funding goal and these include extra characters, new CGs and extra stories.

For more information about the characters, stretch goals and rewards, check out the LOVE BAKUDAN Kickstarter Page. Don’t forget to follow Noodletub on Twitter as well for updates. If the Kickstarter is a success the game will launch on Steam,, and other PC platforms. LOVE BAKUDAN sounds like it will have an interesting story and great characters, so if you want a yuri title that’s more than just a couple of images tied together with a flimsy puzzle theme don’t hesitate to show your support.

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