Sushi Candy Dagashi Box – January 2017

Sushi Candy Dagashi Box – January 2017

If you would like to sample a large variety of candy, then Sushi Candy will enable you to sample the sweet taste of Japan. You can choose between box sizes that range from 10 pieces to 30 pieces and have them delivered for free to anywhere in the world. The contents of these boxes change every month, but one thing is for sure, you’ll find them packed with delicious and unique candy. We got our hands on the 20 piece Dagashi subscription box, so check out what was tucked away inside.

The Box

Sushi Candy has opted for a plain and simple brown cardboard box to ship their candy. Our box took quite a beating on its trip around the world, but arrived in one piece with nothing missing, which is all that matters. At first glance it appears rather small, but opening it up revealed that it was filled to the brim with candy goodness. Inside the box we also found a thank you note, complete with discount coupon for our next order, as well as a list of the items included in the box. The list indicates the contents of all the Dagashi boxes, so you can see what you missed out on if you ordered one of the smaller ones.

Potato Fry

The first thing we tried was the item listed as “potato fry.” According to its description, it is consomme potato flavored crisps. Although our packed ended up slightly crushed during transit these crisps still turned out to be delicious. These definitely make for a great snack and melt on the tongue.

Texas Corn Takoyaki

Next up we tried the Texas Corn Takoyaki, which is a crunchy tokoyaki flavored snack. These turned out to be very flavorful and also melt in your mouth.

Ippuku Ume

The Ippuku ume snack consists of dried plums with a vanilla flavor and trust us, they taste way more delicious than they sound. The vanilla flavor is very strong and this snack also has a bit of a sweet and sour aftertaste.

Calvi Taro

The Calvi Taro is an interesting snack as it is apparently made from bone-less minced fish. It is a little sticky when taken out of the packet and consists of one flat sheet that is quite chewy. Although it is listed as having a short rib flavor, this snack definitely has a very strong fish taste to it, so if you are not a fan of seafood watch out.

Chibi Maruko Chan Marshmallow

Although we are not familiar with the Chibi Maruko-chan character, these marshmallows are certainly delicious. In addition to being very nice and soft the marshmallows also have a mouth watering gooey center and are grape flavored. The packet includes four small marshmallows and definitely left us wanting more.

Un Choco

This next snack definitely deserves praise for its unique packaging. The list we got with the box describes it as “animal poo chocolate” and it comes in an animal shaped container. We received an adorable panda and the candy is dispensed from the “bottom” of the animal, which our little helper obviously found very amusing. The purple, pink and green sweets have a fruity, chocolaty taste and consists of a chocolaty center with a candy coating.

Tirol Choco

This cube of chocolate might only be bite-sized, but it is definitely not lacking in taste. There are apparently numerous types of flavors available, but the one included in this box had a chocolate biscuit flavor. It is a pity that the box only included one of these as once again this tasty snack left us wanting more.

Banana Chocolate

This snack is exactly what it looks like, a bite-sized piece of chocolate in the shape of a peeled banana. It is made from two small layers of white and dark chocolate and the banana flavor is actually quite strong, which is nice.


Anyone who has watched Spirited Away should already be familiar with these flower shaped sugar candy. This packet includes a selection of pink and green candies and they all have a very sweet flavor. If you have a sweet tooth than these hard candies are definitely a treat.

Number Shaped Chocolate

This is another straightforward snack, although our little helper was very impressed with the packaging, which is in the shape of the number “2.” This small packet included six candy coated chocolate sweets in a variety of colors. These are very tasty and reminded us of smaller versions of the popular Smarties snack.


Inside our box we also found three Umaibō, which are cylindrical corn snacks. Each one of these savory snacks had a different flavor, although our little helper definitely favored the corn potage version. The other two were prawn mayonnaise and pork cutlet sauce flavored, which are more acquired tastes. We quite like the colorful packaging of these snacks as they feature a feline mascot with a strong resemblance to Doraemon.

Ban Ban Aban Surume Ban Mini

The name might be a mouthful, but according to our information sheet this snack consists of dried squid. It is a very chewy snack and while the flavor is not as strong as we would have expected, it does have a fishy aftertaste that might not be to everyones liking. If you enjoy trying out new and unique snacks then this one fits the bill as we haven’t seen anything similar to it in our neck of the woods.

Ume Mints

This box of mini candy has a nice plum flavor and an interesting sweet and sour taste when chewed. While these sweets are tiny there are quite a few of them included in the box to snack on. The taste is quite mild, so even if you are not usually a fan of mints these are worth trying out.

Geisha Chocolate

This geisha chocolate snack is so adorable that we didn’t want to open the packet to try out the sweets inside. The outside of the packet features a printed design to make it look like a tiny little geisha. Inside is two round, white sweets that have a hard candy outer layer and a chocolate center. They are delicious and taste a lot like the type of candy eggs that are popular around easter.

Ramen Taro

If you are a fan of ramen then you are in luck as this Dagashi box also contains a packet of crispy noodles. While these chicken flavored noodles are a little bland on their own for our taste they can be mixed with a variety of other dishes for a unique taste experience.

Precure Chewing Gum

Although we are not familiar with the magical girl featured on the packaging of this snack we were definitely impressed with the chewing gum inside. It contains one strip, broken up into three sections that is very soft, but has a strong apple flavor.

1.2.3. Chewing Gum

Next up is more gum, but these are three individually wrapped pieces that are grape flavored. Like the Precure chewing gum, these are soft and very flavorful.

Donguri Gum

Last up, and continuing with the gum theme is this Donguri gum. The packet contains a single grape flavored hard candy that turns into gum when you reach the chewy center.

The Sushi Candy Dagashi boxes offer a great way to sample a large variety of interesting Japanese treats. Dagashi snacks are meant to be cheap and filling, so you won’t find any of the expensive gourmet snacks often included in these types of subscription boxes. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try out these Dagashi boxes as these treats are very popular with Japanese children for a reason. The price is very affordable, starting at only $10.99 for the set of 10, all the way to $23.99 for a set of 30. Shipping is also free worldwide, which is another big plus. For a small additional fee Sushi Candy can also add a tracking number to your shipment, so you know exactly when to expect your candy. We definitely enjoyed the snacks, as did our little helper. Some of the treats in the box are definitely an acquired taste, but overall we have no qualms recommending the Dagashi box from Sushi Candy.

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